Muslim Terrorists massacred 50+ Catholics during Mass in Nigeria on Pentecost Sunday


“Kidnappings and murders of priests and pastors, enslavement of Christian girls, and mob lynchings for alleged blasphemy against Islam” have intensified since the Biden administration removed Nigeria from the United States’ “Country of Concern” (CPC) list of countries where egregious religious persecution is taking place, ….

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  1. Fallibilissimo says:

    It’s even hard to process news of such horrific evil. 50 brothers and sisters just taken away from a parish like that…my God have mercy. Those poor families, that poor community. The survivors of that day will carry those scarring memories for the rest of their lives. It was Pentecost, may the Holy Spirit grant them abundant graces.

  2. Liz says:

    God have mercy on us. I can’t even fathom such horror. The poor loved ones and survivors! Our good friend, Fr. Ike is an FSSP priest with Fr. VanderPutten (sp?) only 6 or so hours away from here at the FSSP apostolate. Please pray for their safety and for their loved ones and parish.

  3. SeelDad says:

    My brother in law is a a priest at the FSSP mission in Nigeria. Please keep him and his flock in your prayers.

  4. Suburbanbanshee says:

    May God be good to them, and may the prayers of these holy Christian martyrs help the survivors to heal.

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  6. Kathleen10 says:

    Nigeria is a hellhole of constant muslim attacks on the faithful Christians. Nobody in the West seems to care at all. Rome doesn’t care. The Catholic and entire Christian media doesn’t care. They are forgotten victims and martyrs, much like the Chinese Catholics only they are constantly attacked by Fulani herdsmen.
    Why does nobody care about the Nigerian Christians??
    It is heartbreaking, many children were killed. Can nothing be done to protect these people? Why does the world turn a blind eye to their suffering!
    Pope Francis, can you not turn your attention to the real suffering of these Catholics? Have you no pity for them? Can you not use your soap box to do what you can to bring attention to their plight? Will the government of Nigeria do one thing to help them?
    My thoughts turn to a Polish brother-in-law, who says this on occasion, “Talk to wall, more better.” God have mercy on their poor souls, on their families and survivors.

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  8. khouri says:

    Holy Martyrs of Owo and all Nigeria, pray to God for us! Intercede for your country and the protection of the Christian peoples. Pray too that Church uses all her powers and gifts to stop the heinous crimes.

    “Save your people O Lord and bless Your inheritance. Grant victory to Your Church over her enemies and by the power of Your Cross save your people.”

    -from the Byzantine Liturgy of the Universal Elevation of the precious and life giving Cross (Sept. 14)

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