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3:16 isn’t just in John.

Reykjavík, Iceland, the Match of the Century between challenger Bobby Fischer and title defender Boris Spassky has reached on 8 August 1972 the 12th Game, a QGD which ended in a draw after 55 moves.

When the eleventh game was in session, Fischer handed the arbiter a note demanding that the first ten rows in the auditorium be removed because of spectator noise. There were only 15 rows. The next day, he demanded that 7 rows be removed or that the next game be played in the backstage room. The Icelandic Chess Assoc., which organized the match, agreed to remove two rows but the Icelanders and the Soviets said Nyet to the backstage.

Meanwhile, a dramatic Game 13 looms up in history on 10 August.


Meanwhile, a cool video…

Reshevsky, born in Poland, played under the US flag.  He was an observant Jew and would not play on the sabbath or feast.  He wrote books and his great rival would have to have been Bobby Fischer.


I am essentially a positional player, although I can conduct an assault with precision and vigor, when the opportunity arises. My style lies between that of Tal and Petrosian. [LOL – considered to be opposites] It is neither over-aggressive nor too passive. My strength consists of a fighting spirit, a great desire to win, and a stubborn defense whenever in trouble. I rarely become discouraged in an inferior situation, and I fear no one.

We could use some of that today.

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  1. Tony Pistilli says:

    Yasser Serwain tells a story of Rashevsky (now a grown man) playing in a time scramble. You should really watch him tell it, he is so infectious: https://youtu.be/e3M5kzJ3RVw?t=1258

    The rules at the time were that a player needed to declare a victory over your opponent if the opponent run out of time (today the arbiter does it). It is an important difference because if you only have 3 seconds on your clock, looking at your opponent’s clock could take a lot of precious time. Rashevsky’s opponent ran out of time, and his wife (sitting in the crowd) shouts “FLAG, FLAG, FLAG!”. Rashevsky turns to his opponent and says “I win”. The opponent argued to the arbiters that Rashevsky had help from the audience and should be disqualified. A biblical man, Rashevsky explained that no outside interference was given: my wife and I are one flesh. The arbiter’s gave the game to Rashevsky.

  2. Kathleen10 says:

    That’s amazing, a chess savant. How can a sweet little boy beat all those grown men.

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