St. Raymond Nonnatus: A Patron Saint of Canceled Priests

An additional note about St. Raymond Nonnatus.  I mentioned his feast in the Rome Shot post today.

And today we have the amazing St. Raymond Nonnatus (yes, from Latin non natus).

St. Raymond became Master General of the Mercedarians who labored to raise money to ransom slaves from the infidel Muslims, took up the sword to fight for them, or offered their own persons in their stead.

St. Raymond exchanged himself for a captive in North Africa and was tortured.

Members of the religion of peace spiked St. Raymond’s lips and sealed his mouth to keep him from preaching.   

Perhaps St. Raymond Nonnatus could be a patron saint of cancelled, muzzled priests.

He was eventually ransomed.

It is also the Feast of Sts. Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimethea, New Testaments figures.

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  1. Kathy T says:

    My granddaughter’s patron saint. Been praying to him for her for years. Thanks for the information about him

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  3. Amina says:

    That is a giant lock. I read the account this morning, I imagined it more of a small padlock.

  4. eymard says:

    The designation “Cancelled Priests” is problematic. In this midwest state, I know the particulars of two who might be categorized as such. I do not agree that they are cancelled; rather, disobedient. They could have done what their bishops asked, but they elected not to. They walked away from their parishes, not because they were told to do something immoral, or anti-doctrinal, or anti-ecclesial. And what of the souls under their care? And the extra burden placed upon other priests who must cover for them? Yes, others I have heard about who were whistleblowers and unjustly removed. These are indeed “Cancelled Priests.”

  5. MB says:

    Oh!!! Thanks for explaining the picture. When I first looked at it I thought, “Why are they forcing that man to use a netti pot?”

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