“This isn’t China! This is America!”

I saw an article on CWN which made me think about the Obama Administration and Pres. Obama’s attacks on the Catholic Church and on the 1st Amendment.

Cardinal Zen urges tougher stand against Beijing’s intrusion in Church affairs

Cardinal Joseph Zen is urging the Holy See to take a stronger line against encroachment by the Chinese government in the life of the Church in that country.

The retired Bishop of Hong Kong, an outspoken critic of Beijing, expressed disappointment that some Catholic activists—notably the St. Egidio community—have been anxious to maintain friendly ties with the Beijing regime despite repeated infringements on religious freedom in China. He called for a tougher Vatican diplomatic stance as well.

“After much (I would say excessive) acquiescence by the Holy See, the Chinese government has shown no willingness to respect the essential nature of the Catholic Church, as it is peacefully accepted all over the civilized world,” the cardinal said. He argued that the Holy See, in its diplomatic efforts, should hew closely to the line set forth by Pope Benedict XVI in his letter to the Church in China, refusing to cooperate with the government-appointed representatives of the Catholic Patriotic Association and demanding full independence for the Church in China.

Pres. Obama’s Christian side seems to have been formed by Black Liberation Theology (a variant of Marxism).

I suspect Pres. Obama would not be sorry to have an American Patriot Catholic Association in the public square, rather than a strong, vociferous Catholic Church.

He could impose mandates and force Catholic institutions to pay for your contraception and abortifacient pills.  He could, with the help of the Patriotic Catholic Heathcare Association, require Patriotic Catholic hospitals to perform abortions.  He could require Patriotic priests to approve of unnatural relations with marriage ceremonies.  He could edit pastoral letters of Patriotic Bishops to their flocks… and not just in the Army or his new Civilian National Security Force!

The bishops would all have special photos taken in front of the flag, just like they do somewhere else.

Whoops!  Let’s get that right.

“But Father! But Father!”, some of you are saying. “This is over the top.  Nothing like that is possible here.  This isn’t China!  This is America!”

Keep telling yourselves that.


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  1. MarkA says:

    On a related note from yesterday’s news:
    Underground Chinese Bishop Lorenz Zhang Wenchang is Dead — 24 Years in Concentration Camp.
    At the age of 92 Msgr Lorenz Zhang Wencheng has died. The Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Kunming had passed twenty four years of hus life in Communist concentration camps.

  2. cregduff says:

    Father – was unable to play the video on a Mac with Safari or Windows 7 with IE.

  3. Scarltherr says:

    Thank you Father. I’m glad our Bishops are speaking out, but every person in a pew must do so as well. –Ranting Catholic Mom

  4. ContraMundum says:

    I’ve seen this happen in science fiction before, so I know what’s happened … clearly, I’ve somehow passed into a parallel universe! Such a thing would surely have been impossible in the America of my home universe.

  5. wmeyer says:

    This is precisely what I have been concerned is in the works. And in this context, then the attack on the Catholic Church is obvious, as it is the largest single church in the country. If the Catholics bow to the dictator, who else can resist?

    Nice touch with the Obama flag, too. Only in his dreams, I pray.

  6. rodin says:

    During the period of Hitler’s ascendancy, when I was a child, it was said in this country “It can’t happen here.” That was then, this is now. By the way I could not get the video to work on my aging Safari.

  7. Johnno says:

    Do you think it’d send a message if all Catholics in the U.S. registered for firearms?

    I think we should seriously consider that this thing can indeed escalate into something that would be a just war.

    I’m not saying this to be flippant or funny… This is probably something that really ought to be discussed, if anything to also prevent despair from overcoming someone into declaring war on his own of what a just war requires to be a legitimate solution…

    It’s either that or prepare to be sacrificial victims… Not that I’m against that, but my largest fears are that if I ever had children I fear the state will take them away from me and raise them up that not only will they suffer in this life believing it is perfectly normal but also to be destined for hell… and there’d be nothing I can do… I doubt the state would even allow me to know where they are. I would rather they died with me when we’re finally thrown to the lions, or perhaps simply tossed into a dark prison cell and left to rot. Or given the state of things I wouldn’t be surprised if they simply lined us up and shoot us anyway…

  8. I think I fixed the video.

  9. American Obama Uncathlic assembly

    presiding bishop Nancy Pelosi receiving ordination from Ms. Schori
    Joe biden and ms. Sebelius as suffragan bishops

    Cathedral of Margaret Sanger

  10. rodin says:

    Johnno–We still have a vote. Pray that we use it well, and pray that the vote is not rigged.

  11. poohbear says:

    Sadly, I can so see this happening.

  12. ContraMundum says:

    Yeah, I can see it happening. I can also see an asteroid wiping out the West Coast; in fact, I’ve seen that on TV several times.

    Let’s prepare ourselves for whatever may happen, but not get too caught up in predictions. The Rapture didn’t happen last year, and I’ll bet the Mayan apocalypse won’t happen this year; predictions rarely live up to the hype. When I was growing up, everyone had to prepare themselves for the inevitable nuclear war between the US and Soviet Union; we were not really prepared for what actually did happen, which was plenty dramatic but requires fewer special effects.

    If you’re registering for a firearm in the hopes it will intimidate the government, better make it something bigger than Saddam Hussein had. He had tanks, artillery, and missiles, but they found him in a hole shabbier than the hiding place of a peaceful priest during the reign of that other Elizabeth. If you don’t think you can arm yourself better than Saddam did, you’d better arm yourself the way the priest did.

  13. New Sister says:

    Why is the Chinese dude wearing white?

  14. Athanasius says:

    No this not America. It is the People’s Republic of America. The Patriot Act, the Military Comissions Act, the NDAA of 2012, and soon the Enemy expatriation act all provide the legal framework for the complete suppression of the Catholic Church. We need to stop fooling ourselves that the constitution means anything. The legal precedent that the Constitution can be bypassed in favor of the interests of the administration has been enshrined into law for some time. It actually started with FDR, in the case of the 8 Germans who came from NAZI Germany during WWII to committ acts of sabotage over here. One of them was an American citizen and Roosevelt and the courts argued his citizenship was irrelevant. Yet that genie got put back in the bottle. Under George W Bush, the military detained Yasser Homni and Jose Pedilla, who were American citizens, without due process and further the Supreme Court upheld the suspension of their process rights. Obama took this further and has actually assassinated American citizens without due process rights, such as Anwar Aw-laki, because the interests of the Administration superseded the protections of the Constitution. This is the legal framework for tyranny, created off the back of the Al Qaeda fraud that is generated to scare us into giving away our liberty.
    This HHS mandate will not be rescinded and it will not be ruled unconstitutional. The reason of course is because for the US Supreme Court to do so would include them ruling obamacare unconstitutional, which I doubt the court will do. Even if it did, Obama and his successor will likely ignore the ruling or craft an executive order couched in national security to do the same thing.


  16. schmenz says:

    Athanasius said it succinctly and well.

    I would only add that, as one writer said a number of years ago, trying to defend natural rights using the Constitution of the USA is like trying to defend Catholic truths using the Book of Mormon.

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