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ISIS to children: ‘Convert! Say the words!’ Children to ISIS: ‘No, We Love Jesus’

Ex ore infantium… perfecisti laudem. Some scholars of Late Antiquity are skeptical about or even scoff at the ancient tales about Christian children who refused to renounce Christ even in the face of terrible pain and fear. Even in our … Read More

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A 5-year old shows us how it’s done

For those snobby dopes out there who think Joe and Mary Bagofdoughnuts in the pews are too stoopid to handle Latin or that hearing some chant is toooo haaaard. Here is a 5 year old singing the common Christian table … Read More

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Why can 5th graders figure out what many priests don’t?

From a reader: I am one of two Altar Boy Deans in charge of my parish’s 112 Altar boys. Yesterday I was assisting our Altar boy director in training new recruits to the program (5th graders). He had asked me … Read More

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Ex ore infantium… perfecisti laudem!

An alert reader sent this tweet:

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At the blog Laetificat, run by a sharp gal in Madison (who comments here), there are some marvelous images juxtaposed. First, pictures by kids from last Palm Sunday.  Go there for the back story. Some of Matisse to this… Oh … Read More

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WARNING! Herein is cuteness!

Sent by a reader. This two-year-old has a bright future. Ex ore infantium… [wp_youtube]42Ud4YMmgVY[/wp_youtube]

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If a six-year old can get it right…

From a readerette: Father, Back before the new translation was implemented, I talked to my six year old son about the changes and what the new words meant. Since, then, it hasn’t come up again until today. We were in the car … Read More

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2nd Grader “has a dream”, and it’s about Pres. Obama, babies, and abortion

For your “Ex ore infantium” file… I saw this at Life Site with my emphases: I received the following from a second grade teacher: The class has been learning about Martin Luther King, Jr., and we were talking about how … Read More

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Ex ore infantium: ugly edition

From priest: Really enjoyed that bit of precocious 5 year old humor you gave us! Thought you might like another. This happened many years ago back in my former Diocese when it was suffering under the iron handed rule of … Read More

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Ex ore infantium

From a reader: I thought you might find some humor in what happened after Mass this morning. Our family attended Mass this morning and a visiting priest presided. After the Mass my five year-old leaned over to me and whispered, … Read More

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