2nd Grader “has a dream”, and it’s about Pres. Obama, babies, and abortion

For your “Ex ore infantium” file…

I saw this at Life Site with my emphases:

I received the following from a second grade teacher:

The class has been learning about Martin Luther King, Jr., and we were talking about how one person can make a big difference. We talked about how he had a dream.

So they had a writing assignment to write about what their dream for the world right now is. This little boy wrote,

“My dream for the world Is for president Obama to not be president ever again. Because he says you can kill babies. And because that is a dumb law.”

Here is the accompanying image.

Life Site

I wonder if former Speaker Pelosi and Vice Pres. Biden saw this entry at Life Site.

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  1. benedetta says:

    He is so right, that little guy. It IS a very dumb law.

  2. Yeah, you sometimes read some interesting things on the big lined paper. Little kids that age are just starting to really look around them at the world.

  3. disco says:

    Something tells me this kid got an F if this was at a public school.

  4. KAS says:

    That is beautiful truth and I hope this child grows up without losing that wisdom!

  5. From the mouths of babes….beautiful :)….silly, if this kid was in public school he or she would have been expelled.

  6. disco says:

    Joe you’re right. In Europe they would put the kid in a foster home.

  7. TopSully says:

    This should be made into a commercial and shown repeatedly.

  8. Allan says:

    Someone slip it on Obama’s teleprompter, and pay the FOX news cameras are rolling.

  9. Cristero says:

    Agree with Joe: Ex ore infantium.

  10. rhhenry says:

    Sometimes we adults over-think things, and it takes a 7-year-old to point out the simple truths: Killing babies is dumb. Q.E.D.

  11. K_Suzanne says:

    Not to be the buzzkill, but my first thought was that his parents are pro-life and discuss these things with him or around him, not that this 7-year-old has some kind of special wisdom.

    It is cute, though.

  12. Margaret says:

    I don’t think it’s a buzzkill at all– his parents are (rightfully) sharing their pro-life views with their son, and the teacher has created a classroom environment in which he feels comfortable stating his views.
    Awesome all around, I think.

  13. rhhenry says:

    I agree that the child doesn’t have any special wisdom. I simply find his unencumbered reasoning and direct language refreshing.

  14. mendezjb says:

    That’s hilarious. I told my daughter the exact same thing, but I was worried about her telling her classmates. She goes to a Catholic school, but a very squishy one. I actually worry the teacher would get upset at her for saying that in class. Don’t want to hurt anyones feelings!

  15. irishgirl says:

    Bravo to that little boy!
    ‘Ex ore infantium’, indeed!
    Kids oftentimes can get right to the heart of matters….unlike we adults!

  16. CatholicCaliGirl says:

    Sometimes the wisest person can also be the smallest person! :)
    If only the adults who ran our country were as wise as this little guy.

  17. Scarltherr says:

    Sing-a-long: Jesus love the little children, all the little children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white, we are precious in his sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world!

  18. APX says:

    Somewhere I have a cassette tape of all those cute little children’s bible songs. Unfortunately I no longer own a tape player.

  19. gmarie says:

    I’m sure this little boy’s parents are pro-life and have discussed such things with him. That he paid attention and wrote it down shows to his wisdom, understanding and fortitude. It reminds me of my own son when he was in second grade and just after Mr. Obama was elected. My then-7 year old son would pray the following intention out loud during morning prayers for the class: “I pray that President Obama would have a conversion of heart and put an end to killing babies through abortion.” Did he hear this in family prayers at home? You betcha! The best way to educate little ones in the faith is for parents to model Catholic life, especially since no one at the Catholic school was discussing such issues, nor elucidating the official teachings of the Church regarding life, nor did they talk about what it means to be pro-life that January. Did my son get bugged and teased by his classmates (some who were quite vocal in their support of “women’s rights”…guess where they heard that?) and did the teacher talk to me about her worry over his bluntness in the classroom? Yep. But, to his credit, he never backed down and prayed more fervently for the conversion of Mr. Obama’s heart. Children can be such good role models for adults!

  20. stacy_cook says:

    Ah, the great things that children say. Recently in my Faith Formation class, one of the girls in my class asked, “If Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, why isn’t He a bigger part of Christmas?” (Good question!) Then she continued, “Where did Santa Claus come from?” I talked about St. Nicholas & him giving the dowry for the three sisters, etc. Then she asked, “Well, where did the reindeer and the elves come from.” A boy in my class piped in with this answer: “It probably came from the 70’s. Everything wacky came from the 70’s.” I had to chuckle a little at this answer.

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