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“absolutely licit”…. MY FOOT!

Spotted on the Facebook page of Ed Peters, canonist. Every time I turn around, someone is citing Fr. Lombardi’s comment that the pope’s washing of women’s feet on Holy Thursday is “absolutely licit” because it’s not a sacrament. Now, whatever … Read More

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Some thoughts about the Pope’s Lebanon trip

Because of my travel and the need for a little down time, I didn’t do much with the Holy Father’s visit to Lebanon. However, a few things have come to mind after some recent conversations and some reading. First, even … Read More

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Fr. Lombardi on the Holy Father’s Letter about “pro multis”

I posted about the absence (and then the presence) of the Holy Father’s Letter to German bishops on the vatican.va site.  HERE. Here is the editorial of the papal spokesman, Fr. Federico Lombardi, SJ, on the site of Vatican Radio … Read More

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Benedict XVI’s new liturgical movements – WDTPRS POLL!

I picked this up from the intrepid Andrea Tornielli. Apparently from tomorrow onward, Sunday, Pope Benedict will start using the moving platform used by John Paul II when it became hard for him to walk. He will do this in … Read More

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“It seemed like a good idea at the time….” – the new John Paul II “statue” in Rome

I was dying to find out the reaction to the new “statue” of John Paul II near Rome’s train station.  It is, in my opinion, horrendous.  In the pages of the Vatican’s newspaper L’Osservatore Romano there is a short blurb … Read More

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Because this week wasn’t bad enough already…

Okay… lemme get this straight. In midst of this controversy, the Pope’s preacher stands up Good Friday, not at all a controversial day for this pontificate, and… like Joe Biden with an open mic… compares the present persecution of the … Read More

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Fr. Lombardi on the gift of “Dignitatis personae” to Pres. Obama

Here is an excerpt from a CNS article about the Pope giving Dignitatis personae to Pres. Obama: "There was no intention to be polemical," Father Lombardi said. "I do not agree with the idea that the pope was trying to … Read More

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