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What do we do when we synodize?

At Crisis there is a scorching, rousing piece by Fr. John Perricone about the synodal (“walking together”) process as a form of naval gazing.  It’s quite a read: The Synodal “listening sessions” can easily be dismissed as another parlor game, … Read More

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“I am the very model of a modern ultramontanist” – ZUHLIO RETURNS!

We like Parody Songs around here.  Faithful Catholics have a sense of humor, after all.  Libs, not so much. Over a First Things I spotted one worthy of passing along. I AM THE VERY MODEL OF A MODERN ULTRAMONTANIST by … Read More

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#AmorisLaetitia Twitter Bingo! Get your card HERE!

Gosh!  I get an honorable mention! I am reminded of the hymn written many years ago by the official blog’s Parodohymnodist whose work we have enjoyed and Zuhlio has recorded.  You will recall such hits as “O Come O Come Liturgical Blue”. Here … Read More

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Aging Hippie Paradise

No… this is not about the offices of the NCR. It is actually about a rap music song. I have always thought that rap did for music what S&M did for romance… but I digress. I came by a rap … Read More

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WDTPRS POLL: Color of Advent Vestments – Wherein Fr. Z rants

Here is my annual rant on blue vestments for Advent (see the POLL results about that). "But Father! But Father!", you might be saying.  "Aren’t the confused liberal dinosaurs dying off?  Aren’t blue vestments cliché? Yes and yes. Nevertheless, there … Read More

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