For the Just Too Cool file, I read on The History Blog that the only surviving documents connected to William Wallace are returning to Scotland.

Included is the Lübeck Letter and is the only surviving document we have that was written by William Wallace himself and it has his personal seal.

Read more over there.

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  1. shane says:

    Unfortunately the original Declaration of Arbroath, which declared Scottish independence to Pope John XXII (a copy of it can be read here: http://www.geo.ed.ac.uk/home/scotland/arbroath_english.html ), has been long lost. I wonder has this transfer anything to do with the recently announced independence referendum and the upcoming anniversary of Bannockburn?

  2. irishgirl says:

    shane-I betcha it does….

  3. Supertradmum says:

    Is it coincidence that today in the English newspapers there are two opposing views on the upcoming referendum? The Independence has one pro article and the Catholic Herald another view. The Times chimes in as well. The problem partly in my mind is that socialism is so accepted in Great Britain that Catholics do not realize it has been condemned by the last fifteen or so Popes. The Labour Party, like the Democrats in America, is still the party of most Catholics (not me) who do not know their own Church’s teaching. That Catholics have placed their hopes in governments instead of the Holy Catholic Church, the Scottish question has been compromised by socialist Catholics switching to the more socialist SNP party. I find this ironic, as Scotland is not poor, having much income from oil and a higher standard of living than many other places in the area, including Ireland.

    When will Catholics vote with their Faith instead of their deluded minds when it comes to socialism? I am afraid that devolution will make all involved poorer and less amenable to compromises in the future.

    In addition, are the Scots not paying attention to the Euro slide? Most pundits in Europe give the Euro-zone a maximum of five months on life-support. Today’s financial news seems to me to show the end is closer than five months. What will Scotland do then? Stick with sterling? Socialism has caused the decline of Spain, Portugal and Greece and it will ruin Scotland.

  4. asperges says:

    They would stick with Sterling. Who in their right mind would want the Euro? There is much posturing about Scottish independence at present. Most of it is just that. Whatever one side says, the other will repudiate. I doubt the Pope will get involved this time!

    ‘Scots, wha hae wi Wallace bled,
    Scots, wham Bruce has aften led,
    Welcome tae yer gory bed,
    Or tae victorie.”

    Burns fits almost all situations, past and present.

  5. shane says:

    They would stick with Sterling for a long time after independence, as did Ireland, Australia, New Zealand etc, before contemplating either initiating a new currency or joining the Euro. People have predicted the demise of the Euro since its inception and have been proven wrong. Either way the situation may be very different in two years time. Perhaps the Euro will collapse, and a load of new currencies resurrected, in which case Scottish independence will seem even more viable.

    I hope they vote yes. In the very likely possibility that they will, the Labour voting north of England will probably opt to join Scotland, to escape Home Counties’ Tory domination (who could blame them?). England will almost certainly end up partitioned. (It isn’t really a nation anyway.) Increasingly Islamic towns and cities such as Bradford and Leeds may want to join Pakistan, or go for independence. We can give the south-west of England to Ireland. The rest of England can simply become a Grand Duchy of France.

  6. I’m pretty sure that I have no vote in Scotland, so I keep my beak out of the whole question. :)

    It is a nice gesture to send back the letters for a visit, though of course they needn’t have.

  7. RichardT says:

    Pah. Radical revolutionaries, rising up against their true anointed King.

    Imagine if this sort of nonsense caught on. What next – the Thirteen Colonies wanting independence? What nonsense.

  8. (X)MCCLXIII says:

    Just for a moment I thought Shane was being serious.

  9. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Thinking of things Scottish, a Joyful 1400th Anniversary of the Dies Natalis of St. Kentigern (or, familiarly, Mungo) to all – if A.D. 612 is the correct year! (I suppose among the many things not certainly known about ‘the Wallace’ are the exact details of his (not improbable) devotion to St. Mungo?)

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