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Popcorn Moment! James Keenan, SJ, and his 8 women cardinals!

At Fishwrap, which is ever devolving into the delusions they have fomented over the years, you can read about the devious Jesuit promoter of sodomy – I know, I know – James Keenan. Weigel’s notes on Keenan’s antics are helpful. Keenan … Read More

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New book from Sam Gregg of ACTON INSTITUTE: For God and Profit

I’ll be seeing my friend Sam Gregg during Acton U, which takes place next week in Grand Rapids, MI. Acton U is run by ACTON INSTITUTE.  Hey Fishwrap!  That’s ACTON INSTITUTE. In any event, Sam has a new book, with … Read More

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Fishwrap missed the memo about Sr. Margaret

It seems that the staff of the National Schismatic Reporter (aka Fishwrap) didn’t get the memo. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, in March 2012, issued a “Notification” (i.e., a really serious warning, an authoritative and official judgment from … Read More

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WHERE’S THE OUTRAGE? Francis and the ‘c’atholic Left.

Liberals, living in Nephelokokkygia, think that Pope Francis is “teachable“.  When he confounds their expectations and does something Catholic, they say, “He’ll come around.” When he makes sharp negative remarks about radical feminists, they respond, “We’ll guide him him.” And then … Read More

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Sr. Margaret Farley endores the same things that got the Australian priest excommunicated

Here is your Sr. Margaret Farley update! Yes, she managed to get back into the news.  Go to the site of the Cardinal Newman Society, whose feed I am delighted to have on my side bar. Check it out. And … Read More

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Fishwrap on the heaving thronging pro-LCWR rally!

Jamie Manson, whose mentor … mentrix?… when obtaining the coveted MDiv at Yale was RSM Sr. Margaret Falrey, the highly-noted author about “self pleasuring”, is aflutter in the Fishwrap that tens of people showed up in NEW YORK CITY for … Read More

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The CDF wanted to hurt Margaret Farley, not help her sales. Right?

Some Fishwrap types have chortled that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith aided sales of Sr. Margaret Farley’s dread and perverse book.   Why, they burble, would the bad men at the CDF do something so stupid as … Read More

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Media coverage of the LCWR: ignorance, bias and laziness, sloppy and incomplete

This is a little dated, but it helps to explain some prominent errors about what is going on the the Holy See’s reforming efforts concerning key women religious. This was by Ann Carey on NRO. Nun Too Accurate Reporting By … Read More

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The Bold And The Beautiful

I have been mulling over the recent support given by the Catholic Theological Society of America to Sr. Margaret Farley. Let’s be clear about a large slice of the group. There is in the CTSA a serious percentage of self-legitimating … Read More

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A critic of the CDF Note about Sr. Farley’s dreadful book

Several people sent me links to an piece on Religion Dispatches about pro-abortion Mary E. Hunt’s defense of pro-abortion RSM Sr. Margaret Farley’s dreadful book. My readers wanted me to fisk Hunt’s arguments. Since I have a little jet lag … Read More

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Sr. Farley SPEAKS or “Did God say, ‘You shall not eat of any tree of the garden’?”

From NCFishwrap: Vatican-criticized nun addresses fellow theologians Jun. 10, 2012 By Joshua J. McElwee ST. LOUIS — Mercy Sr. Margaret Farley addressed for the first time publicly Friday evening the Vatican’s harsh criticism of one of her books, saying it … Read More

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Fr. James Martin, SJ, sticks up for Sr. Farley and her teachings

The usual suspects are encircling with nurturing and supportive embraces Sr. Margaret Farley, author of a  dreadful book, filled with grave errors concerning faith and morals.  Click HERE. Fr. James Martin, SJ (whose recent Twitter campaign demonstrates that he sides … Read More

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CDF NOTIFICATION about Sr. Margaret Farley’s dreadful book (cf. Magisterium of Nuns)

This, given the timing, is a Big Deal.  Make that Really Big Deal. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has issued a notification about a book of one of the prime exponents of the Magisterium of Nuns: Sr. … Read More

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Dissecting a Hell’s Bible op-ed defense of the Magisterium of Nuns

From Hell’s Bible comes this op-ed: Nuns on the Frontier By ANNE M. BUTLER [professor emerita of history at Utah State University] Fernandina Beach, Fla. THE recent Vatican edict that reproached American nuns [Incorrect in point of facts: It was … Read More

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