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Chillin’ the Veuve

Friday, 13 May… Our Lady of Fatima and Universae Ecclesiae.

Chill the Widow.

In the meantime… have some Mystic Monk Coffee…. or Tea! Their shipping is pretty fast.
In the meantime… remember this from the great Vincenzo?

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HELP! Fr. Z needs some sports equivalents

I am comparing the forthcoming Instruction Universae Ecclesiae to a baseball no-hitter, rather than a perfect game.
What would be the equivalents for perfect game and no-hitter in other sports?
I am especially interested in analogous accomplishments in cricket and in soccer/football … Continue reading

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Universae Ecclesiae… Instruction on Summorum Pontificum.

The cat is out of the bag.
The Instruction is called Universae Ecclesiae and it will indeed be published very soon.  There is an embargo on the text until 12 noon Rome time 13 May, at which time I will offer … Continue reading

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