The Nuthatch Life

The feeder has been busy, as usual. 

Living the Nuthatch Life:

And when you are not eating, you’re just hangin’ out waiting.

Coming in for a snack.

The enemy.

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  1. bird feeder says:

    Is there a particular type of food that attracts those types of birds?

  2. I think mainly the black sunflower seeds. The chickadees really for them too. Nuthatches and chicadees flock together in the winter, probably because they look for the same food.

  3. Fr. Z,
    I had bird feeders and they attracted a rat infestation after the fires here in CA. Think the fires drove them here and the bird feeder
    welcomed them to stay. So afraid to put out food fo them

  4. Pam: Look on the bright side! It’s easier to kill them that way.

  5. dad29 says:

    The cardinals also hang around for sunflower seeds…

    As to the squirrel, a nice Gamo (.17) air-rifle is very effective up to 50 yards, if you’re so inclined.

  6. Kradcliffe says:

    Feed the squirrels, too! Squirrels are cute! You’re making me CRY over here, with your talk of shooting squirrels. LOL

  7. Squirrels are just cuter versions of rats with puffy tails.

  8. Father: ROFL! It just cracks me up that you are so NOT St. Francis of Assisi! LOL!

    That squirrel photo is a classic. Look at him. The stealth. The slyness.

    Where’s the gopher or have you sucessfully dealt with him?

  9. Cathy: The only “gophers” around here appear solely on my TV screen when playing hockey. And they are really Spermophilus tridecemlineatus aka the “Golden Gopher” or variously “Thirteen-Stripped Ground Squirrel“.  I permit them to live.   The others…

  10. Fr. Dismas, OP says:

    Do what I do: get a Squngee (a miniature bungee, with two ears of corn that hangs down — bell optional). Hours of fun, and and it keeps the varmints away from the seed!

  11. Fr. Dismas: Thank you for saying “varmints”. That fine word is not used nearly enough today. Nor is “critter”.

  12. Tyler says:

    I have had pet rats before, and I can tell you, squirrels are nowhere near as cool

  13. rosebudsal says:

    Oh, the enemy is adorable, but I also know just how annoying Squirrels can be. I have one who hangs out in my backyard. He climbs onto the wall of the deck off my bedroom and watches the dogs below. Before our first killing frost in November (it came late this year) he ate up my potato vine. It was coming back and then it froze. We have a great variety of birds right now, but you seem to have some really neat ones.

  14. Nice shootin’, Father.

  15. Banjo pickin' girl says:

    pan sear the squirrel, then braise it in stock until tender, do a reduction. serve with sourdough bread and tangerine slices. this is the snooty version. non-snooty people and Southerners make squirrel gravy.

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