A few amused comments on polls

We have turned the tide on the nugatory poll about women’s ordination on the website of the Cincinnati newspaper.  GO HERE FOR MY POST.

When I found the poll, 75% of respondents thought the Church should ordain women. 

"HA!" quoth I.  "We’ll see."

We have had fun with polls lately, some scientific and some not so scientific.

I like the scientific poll of CARA at Georgetown University which found that, of Catholics with an opinion, 2 to 1 favor having a TLM available.

I like the WDTPRS poll which shows that a huge majority of people would prefer black vestments for their own funerals. 

In the meantime, I had an e-mail from great Fr. George Rutler of Our Saviour Church in Manhattan.  He wrote:

Thank you for the fun of frustrating those silly pollsters. They have it coming to them.  Just for them to query people about whether the Church should ordain women shows a theological ignorance akin to asking if the US Congress should repeal the Law of Gravity. [LOL!] I should like to see the shocked look of the pollsters. I wonder how the editors of US Catholic explained the results of their poll on the Usus Antiquior.

Remember that risible article in US Catholic? That had a poll too, come to mention it. 

When I found it, that poll was pretty much even-steven.

But that was before you lot went to work on it.


Now … not so even-steven.

You people are the greatest!

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  1. Over at mine, I had a commentor ask whether the womynpriest folks would like the Church to declare that men may bear children.

    That made me think of the old Latin maxim: ex gallo lac et ova


  2. No…THANKS TO YOU FATHER Z! You keep us alerted to this. And whenever you do, these nutty pollsters get the wrath of heaven…er…WDTPRSers brought down on them.

    I can see Penjing dancing for joy at the poll results.

  3. Jack Hughes says:

    This member of the Church millitant is always ready for activation :)

  4. The best part is that the poll numbers now reflect reality far moreso than it did when it was the other way around.

  5. Check it out now……..it’s turning back the other way :O

  6. Bryan says:

    Diane: well…like Chicago, vote early and often. Luckily at work, I have access to more than one computer. Added them all in, cleared the cache and such…and did it again.

    guess that’s worth a bunch of extra numbers to the right side…:)

  7. Kerry says:

    Immediately apparent at the ‘ordain women’ poll was the absence of option three, “The Church hath not the authority to do so.”

  8. Gus says:

    Thank you Father Z for alerting us to it.
    These types of polls are always unscientific because they don’t care who votes in them. From reading many of the posted comments it is evident that many of the “For” votes were coming from people who are either non-Catholics, former Catholics, or non-practicing Catholics. I suspect that many of these types of polls are done just to advance an agenda.

    Pax et Bonum

  9. Baron Korf says:

    God save Fr. Rutler!

  10. ray from mn says:

    Wowser! Fr. Rutler reads Fr. Z and even comments!!! Now we gotta get Fr. Corapi over here.

    Talk about your one-two knockout punch! Kinda like having a military force composed of nothing but Seals, Rangers and Special Forces.

  11. Sedgwick says:

    Power to the people! The faithful people, that is…

  12. J Kusske says:

    No doubt they’ll just dismiss us all as a few lone spammers–we saw that happen a lot last year. We need to come up with a “prayer bomb” or something like that!

  13. RichR says:

    Even if 100% of those polled said they were in favor of ordaining women, Pope Benedict would still roll his eyes and sigh a deep sigh…..and the Church would still not ordain women. The Fr. Rutler quote is exactly right: “The Church haveth not the competence.”

    The sad reality of these polls is that one of two things happen: they are either trumpeted as the sensus fidelium if the results boost the pollsters’ original agenda, or else they are forgotten and buried if the results go contrary to what the pollsters want.

    If we were perfectly honest, we’d admit that this maxim is true for both the right and the left.

  14. irishgirl says:

    Oooo-I’d like to know Fr. Corapi’s reaction to this…

    Hey ray from mn-I like your military analogy! Wouldn’t that pack a punch…woo hoo!

  15. But the liberals won’t be using these polls.

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