MORE Quotes from your e-mail about Bp. Trautman’s war on the translation

Gleened from the 270 e-mails I received in support of the approval of the new translation texts by the bishops in their upcoming meeting.

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From your e-mail:

"I thoroughly support the reform of the liturgical texts, and by extension, your campaign in favour of it. As a convert who had to undergo significant trials to be received into the Church, including having to move out of home in order to be able to attend Mass frequently, it pains me to see the modernist dissenters of the Church casually tossing aside everything I fought so hard for access to. If these progressives are so concerned with inclusion and accessibility, they should consider those of us who fought hard and gave up a lot to be able to have the fullness of the Church’s truth – and that includes moral teachings, traditions, sacramentals AND our liturgical patrimony. The Church would have remained inaccessible to me if my first experience of it had been of such wishy-washy dinosaurs. Thankfully, it was not. The politically correct old guard are ageing, both literally and ideologically, and their ideas have been tried and thoroughly rejected, especially by the new generation. Such inclusive language is the true step backwards, whilst only Pope Benedict XVI’s reform of the reform can truly be called progress."

"I wholly support the translations as they stand and prayerfully encourage our Bishops to approve them.  It is time to quit over- simplifying the liturgy and draw ourselves deeper into the mystery of the liturgy. To Bishop Trautman I say if the common text was supposed to help people in the celebration of the liturgy, why has Mass attendance dropped to such a low!"

"A heartfelt plea from England…"

"Believe it or not, after following this debate over the past decade there have been one or two occasions when I’ve been quite surprised to find myself in agreement with Bishop Fishperson and his cadre on one or another relatively minor point.  Fair enough, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while. However, even if my judgment on these matters were magisterial, his batting average would be well below the Mendoza line on my scorecard; especially when the Cardinal Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI all-star team have been hitting home run after home run! The Mystical Body had already endured some 35 years of suffering from liturgical malpractice when this process began, thanks to the delaying actions of various malpractitioners (and perhaps some malefactors as well?) we’ve endured this debacle for another decade.  Enough is enough, the most recent version I’ve seen is so far superior to the currently approved translation that it would be an… INEFFABLE improvement."

"I support approval of the final four segments by the U.S. bishops of the new English translation of the Roman Missal at their annual fall meeting Nov. 16-19.

I’ve been suffering with the "pastoral style" of the current translation long enough.  I find it impossible to "own the prayer text, its vocabulary, its style, its idiom, its cadence [per Bp. Trautman]” when it strikes my ear as banal and BORING." 




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