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Fr Longenecker: “Be Subversive — Get Married!” and Fr Z rants a little.

Fr. Longenecker has a good piece at Stream.   It’s as subversive as his advice to young people. In the setup for his argument for young couples (male and female) to marry in church, have kids, stick close to the Church … Read More

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@JamesMartinSJ vicious internet lynching of @dlongenecker1

Jesuit homosexualist activist James Martin has an penchant for fighting dirty. Any scrap of credibility he might have had for his obsessive cause is greatly diminished with this tactic.   Watch what he does. From his Twitter feed (LINK – my … Read More

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Pop over the Fr. Longenecker’s place and read his post: “All Are Welcome” He rips the skin from the faux calls for diversity and multiculturalism and, especially, “gay” hollering we are force to hear so much. Sample: I’m reminded of … Read More

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“What young Catholics want.  What old Catholics want young Catholics to want.”

A couple of related stories. Consider this against the background of some clever tweets that are going around.  Some wags post side by side images of something traditional and something liberal with the caption, “What young people want… What old … Read More

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Wherein another priest rants: Liberal hypocrite priests and bishops

For the record, I endorse the following in its entirety. From Fr. Dwight Longenecker (alas, still at Patheos) from some time ago, 2015, but recently spotted on Facebook – with my usual treatment: Blowing the Whistle on Liberal Hypocrites On … Read More

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Is there a “schism”?

I pay scant attention to Patheos, but for a couple contributors.  This caught my eye after a frequent commentator here alerted me. Fr. Dwight Longenecker wrote, with my legendary emphases and comments: Headlines last week were proclaiming that a group of cardinals believe … Read More

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Red and Black in the Wild

Check out Fr. Longenecker’s site for some liberal liturgical hijinx. There is a Red and Black reference.

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Doing what you can do.

Check out a piece over a Fr. Longenecker’s blog.  Excerpt: […] It was on the way home that the phrase, “Silver and gold I have none” kept echoing through my brain and I realized that the Holy Spirit was speaking … Read More

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The slipping-away of Catholic identity

I think that Pope Benedict had as a project for his pontificate the revitalization of Catholic identity.  The West is losing its soul because Christianity – Catholicism in particular – is not being lived by the mature or passed on … Read More

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Fr. Longenecker on ad orientem worship

Fr. Dwight Longenecker posted an entry about celebrating Holy Mass ad orientem. It is longish, so you can read the whole thing there.  Here is some of it with my emphases and comments: Friday, October 29, 2010 Turning to the … Read More

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“broadcast” to “narrowcast”

In the National Catholic Register (which you can distinguish from the other NCR because the Register is Catholic), there is an offering by our friend and recent recipient of a WDTPRS coffee mug Fr. Dwight Longenecker about priests and blogs… … Read More

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