2 October – Kansas City, KS – FSSP Ordination

Have you ever seen an ordination to the priesthood with the older, traditional Roman Rite….

A reader sent notice of the following:

Rev. Mr David Kemna will be ordained to the priesthood by Archbishop Emeritus Keleher at St Anthony’s Church, KCK, on Saturday, October 2 at 10:00am. All are welcome. (Low Mass at Blessed Sacrament at 7:00am)

Fr Kemna will celebrate his first Solemn Mass at Blessed Sacrament Church on next Sunday, October 3 – External Solemnity of the B.V.M. of the Holy Rosary at 11:00am.

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  1. Trisagion says:

    I heard Abp Keleher celebrate the OF in Latin in San Francisco in 2005 on the Sunday before the International Catholic Stewardship Council Conference. He apologised at the end of the Mass for praying the canon silently but he said, as he smiled broadly, that’s just how he learned to do it.

  2. terryprest says:

    Totally off topic:

    Just exploring new elements on the website. Excellent. Really first class.

    Is that the “finished product” or are more changes/tweeks planned ?

  3. MLivingston says:

    I HAVE seen one — an FSSP ordination several years ago in Lincoln, Nebraska, with Bishop Bruskewitz officiating. His Lain is impeccable. It sounds like he speaks it all day long. I remember the men prostrate before the altar; how their chasubles were arranged to get longer and longer as different steps in the ceremony were completed; the promises they made and the way their hands were bound before them. Even the relatively dreadful church building couldn’t take away from the mystery and majesty of that day. There were five or six groups of different orders of nuns present, all in full habits. The schola and choir were completely hidden behind a screen — no “performances” to distract! Wonderful memory. Fine priests, too. They serve our community in Phoenix.

  4. Henry Edwards says:

    how their chasubles were arranged to get longer and longer as different steps in the ceremony were completed

    At the traditional ordinations I have attended or seen, there appeared to be two delineated steps in the ritual, conferring separately (1) the power to offer sacrifice for the propitiation of sins, and (2) the power to forgive sins. The first was carried out prior to the canon of the Mass, and the chasubles remain “folded” (half-length) until the second was carried out after Holy Communion.

    Perhaps someone with actual knowledge of the ordinary ritual of ordination can correct or clarify, but my impression from attendance at OF ordinations is that these two powers of a priest are no longer conferred explicitly or separately.

  5. James Locke says:

    One of my Choir friends has officially gone off to join their seminary. I am very excited for him and always thank God for the good work that FSSP does in this world.

  6. MJ says:

    I attended the FSSP ordinations in Lincoln, Nebraska just this past May; it was absolutely beautiful!! I would recommend that every Catholic attend ordinations at least once in their life…it was a sublime experience!

  7. K. Marie says:

    I might be going to this. My sister & brother-in-law’s family belong to the St. John Vianney Latin Mass Community that’s based out of Maple Hill(I usually tag along with them for Mass as the parish my mom belongs to is a bit out there)and we’ve become fans of his from when he helps out at the commuter Mass here in Topeka(He has brilliant homilies).

  8. I took pictures of his Mass offered in the EF at Saint Francis of Assisi Church, in Portage des Sioux, Missouri. I’ll share them once I get them all processed.

  9. And here they are! Photos of Mass in the EF, by newly-ordained FSSP priest Fr. David Kemna: http://www.romeofthewest.com/2010/10/photos-of-newly-ordained-father-david.html

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