A request to readers about a really bad liturgy book from the 60’s

A question to readers:

Does anyone out there have a copy of that fons malorum, a book from the late 60’s …

Hoey, Robert F., The experimental liturgy book / collected and edited by Robert F. Hoey.  —  [New York] : Herder and Herder, 1969

I could use a photo of the cover.  Send by e-mail?

A friend describes this book as satanic because of its effect on a generation.  Apparently this book did huge damage.

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  1. Hoey or Huey?:<)! (It sounds like the latter is more appropriate than the former!)…
    We have “Hovda” crappola somewhere in the pits of this place…I’ll dig around and look for this…sounds dreadful!

  2. Thomas G. says:

    It’s on Amazon.com for $55, but I wouldn’t pay a thin dime for that thing.

  3. Charivari Rob says:

    Checked the assorted used-book listings – a few available, no cover images, though.

    Maybe someone at this library reads you, Father, and will check the stacks for you: http://cat.opal-libraries.org/search~S26?/tMissal./tmissal/-3%2C-1%2C0%2CB/frameset&FF=tmissal&1%2C%2C17

  4. NDPhys says:

    Google Books has a cover image from the 1973 version, or at least what their metadata claims is the 1973 version.


  5. MargaretC says:

    Hello, Father-

    I’m a librarian by trade, and we have the original 1969 edition in our collection. I’ll see about making a photo of the cover for you.

    On taking a quick look at the contents, yes, it’s really bad. I’m reassured, however, by the fact the the date due slip indicates that it hasn’t circulated since 1973.

  6. NDPhys: Nobody wrote a review of this “gem”…
    probably because it is so outdated and awful nobody wants to touch it with a ten foot pole…now, upon further reflection, “Pray, Tell” might be really, really interested in this…somebody call Fr. A.R.OSB!!
    I’m being nasty today…it’s the Celtic in me, I guess.

  7. Luke says:

    And it was published by Herder and Herder? I don’t believe it.

  8. Jordanes says:

    “Hoey” or “Hooey”?

  9. Nathan says:

    Father, I’m having a copy sent over from our stacks, and if MargaretC doesn’t beat me to it, I’ll have a scanned copy of the cover to you before I leave work today.

    In Christ,

  10. I remember the book very well. It was what its title purports it to be, and was the standard guide for the “underground church” in the late 60s and early 70s. I came across a copy of it in someone’s library a few years ago, and was surprised at the parallels between some of its content and … well, you know. Some of the sources were ostensibly from ancient liturgical books, but I imagine they were somewhat “dynamic” translations.

  11. GFvonB says:

    I have a copy, Father. It’s in my “books so bad I can’t burn them because nobody will believe things got this bad without hard evidence” collection. I think I may even have the sequel. I also have several that are even worse, like the Experimental Children’s Liturgy book. I’ll go dredge through the dreck tonight and report back.

  12. JimGB says:

    If you google the name of the author you will be led to a news story with mentions Father Robert Hoey, SJ as one of a number of retired Jesuit educators living in a retirement home in Massachusetts.

  13. JimGB says:

    If you google the name of the author you will be led to a news story which mentions Father Robert Hoey, SJ as one of a number of retired Jesuit educators living in a retirement home in Massachusetts.

  14. Will D. says:

    There are three copies in Colorado libraries, apparently. One at the Iliff School of Theology (United Methodist), one at the Card. Stafford Library at the St. John Vianney Seminary, and one at the Denver Seminary (Evangelical). I sincerely hope they’re not teaching out of it. Even at the Protestant schools, this sounds like mischief.

    Google appears to have a cover shot.

  15. M. K. says:

    We had a copy of that book in the library of my novitiate – covered with dust, and never opened by anyone in my time.

  16. catholicmidwest says:

    Jim GB, actually it looks as if this priest died in 2003.

  17. DominiSumus says:

    We have that book in the library at my college. I used it as a resource on my Sacramental Theology term paper for paper on ad orientem. Scary, scary stuff in that book.

    Actually, there were several other books that boggled my mind. I had no idea how wacky things had gotten back then. I took particular interest in the off center altars.

  18. JoanW says:

    Alibris has several copies (much cheaper than Amazon!) — perhaps we should buy them all up so that no one else reads them!? :) No cover art, though.

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