BLOG RENEWAL: Is the blog loading quickly? Slowly?

A friend wrote to whine at me that the blog seemed – to him – to be loading slowly.   I rather think he might be raving mad, even nuts.   Surely a side effect of living too close to the Vortex.

It is loading rather quickly for me.

Anyone having problems?

Frankly, I think my friend should simply have more…


Mystic Monk Coffee!

When you’ve had a hard day of bandwidth problems and waiting for blogs to download, try raising your spirits with a freshly brewed pot of Mystic Monk Coffee!

That’s right!  With Mystic Monk, you reclaim that equanimity you need to face all your internet challenges.

Mystic Monk!

It’s swell!

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. Daniel says:

    Quicker than before for me.

  2. Mary Ann says:

    Slavishly accurate liturgical translations & frank commentary…loading very fast for me! :-D

  3. RichardT says:

    For me, it loads MUCH quicker than the old one (I’m using Internet Explorer).

    Trouble is, I’m now making less coffee – I used to have time to run a pot-full through the percolator while the old WDTPRS was loading.

  4. Mary Ann says:

    Hmmmm…no sooner did I make my comment than I had a flash of an Internet Explorer balloon about…reloading due to a compatibility problem? I run IE 8.0

  5. Stvsmith2009 says:

    I have used both Firefox and Chrome, and the blog loads just fine for me, and my connection is far from fast.

  6. For me, the biggest issue is being forced to load the pages at all!

    The old blog provided the full text of your posts so my RSS reader was all that was necessary. Most blogs provide the full text. For some reason, your new blog only provides a couple lines of each post. It is much more time-consuming to open each one up and largely makes RSS just a “teaser” for the full article vs. a really fast and efficient means of reading content. This is probably something that is configurable so please(!) consider returning to the old, common behavior.

    (Please excuse my rant if this was discussed somewhere else.)

  7. PeterK says:

    loads very fast

  8. mdillon says:

    Under the pains of mortal sin I have to beg this question: is Mystic Monk Coffee better then Starbuck’s French Roast Dark ? I need to warn you, I have drank more coffee, on accident, then 10 avid coffee drinkers have drank on purpose. To date, I have NOT found a better bean then “Starbuck’s French Roast Dark”.

  9. prairie says:

    I live near the vortex and it seems to load as quickly as other sites. Which is to say, the problems are with my computer, not with your blog. Maybe it IS the vortex.

  10. THREEHEARTS says:

    At eight o clock am in BC it takes ages and often I go to the BBC and come back and it is very fast. Mornings only tho’.

  11. TNCath says:

    The blog is loading just fine. However, I must say I prefer the readability and look of the old format, but perhaps, as so many people have told me in the past, I’m just a reactionary to any kind of change.

  12. eiggam says:

    I like how comments on individual threads can be kept together as on the eating in church thread.

  13. Beau says:

    George – I’m in total agreement with you. It’s much easier for me to NOT have to load each post out of my feed reader.

    If there’s any way to fix it so that the whole post was available, that would be awesome.

  14. mdillon: I shall do a taste taste soon and let you know.

  15. Arieh says:

    Yes, please save us from a truncated RSS feed!

  16. John UK says:

    No problems here with the blog loading [IE8, 6mps connection].

    I like the clarity of the new layout and the new banner across the top, great. :-)

    But, as another comment pointed out te quirk inherited from the old layout: if the window is left open for any length of time Radio Sabrina will mysteriously start playing – wonderul heavenly music from an intially unknown source, and no apparent means to switch it off. But I can live with it.
    P.S. – just noticed the “preview” button has disappeared, so please forgive typos.
    Best regards
    John U.K.

  17. MikeM says:

    The new format has been loading a lot faster for me. The old one was actually rather slow and this one seems to run much better.

  18. Jaybirdnbham says:

    Loading quickly for me in Birmingham. Am about to perk some Mystic Monk coffee after posting this. (fair-trade organic Guatemalan).
    I sure hope those poor monks have some way of communicating with you, in case you’ve sent them more business than they can handle. :-)

  19. MikeM says:

    Oh, yes. I like what’s on Radio Sabina, but I get some strange looks when it all of a sudden turns on when I’m sitting in the campus coffee shop.

  20. tianzhujiao says:

    At 3:37 p.m. it is loading very quickly in Miami, FL

  21. ALL: I am really looking for feedback about the speed of the blog’s loading.

  22. TC says:

    Your blog is loading fine.
    But I must ask what does “slow” mean — 1-2 seconds rather than too fast for human senses to perceive? Will the speed of modern communications be kill off the virtue of patience?

  23. mibethda says:

    It seems to be loading a bit faster for me. The Mystic Monk coffee seems intriguing , but, since I roast my own, I doubt that I will be trying it in the near future – but I wish the good monks success in their enterprise.

  24. Tony Layne says:

    Tough to answer, especially since taste can be so subjective. Although I’m a fan of MMC, it could be argued that my taste is unreliable, due to my having subjected it to years of sludge from Denny’s and Village Inn (not to mention office coffee). On the other hand:

    Drink Starbuck’s, indirectly support the Evil Empire (aka Planned Parenthood). Drink Mystic Monk, directly support Carmelite monks.

    I’ll give you a few minutes to mull it over ….

  25. Hans says:

    It seems to me (I never timed the old one) that it’s loading faster than before. If I look at the progress bar in Firefox, it seems to load extremely quickly for the first 95%, and then it slows down appreciably, sometimes even appearing to stall.


    Isn’t it amazing that when you’re looking for one thing, you discover all sorts of other things in the process?

  26. Tony Layne says:

    It loads fine for me … at least, no slower than does any other page when the memory leak becomes intolerable.

  27. Teresamerica says:

    Your blog was pretty fast at uploading for me.

    If it wasn’t for coffee totally killing me stomach I would drink it. What’s funny is that I love the smells of various coffees though.

  28. Animadversor says:

    I’m not having this problem with my RSS reader, Feedreader 3.14 . The entire article and all the comments (I using this URL: show up in the reading pane of the reader without any undue clicking. I have set the options in this manner: Tools | Options | General tab | Behaviour section | When I click on a Weblink Open in internal browser and Open article link automatically.

  29. marcpuckett says:

    It is loading faster here (in Eugene, Oregon; I routinely use Opera) than in its prior incarnation.

  30. Its loading very well.

    I hope you don’t a different suggestion; I wonder if you’d be willing to enable full-article display in your RSS feed. This enables those of us who use feed readers to read articles without opening up new browser windows (or directly from the reader of choice on a cell phone).

    Thanks for a great blog.

    – Fr. Maurer

  31. Jakub says:

    For my laptop with IE 8 it’s a tie between Fr. Z & Crescat for snail’s pace…will try Mozilla later

  32. Again… I am looking for comments about the speed of the blog loading. If you would restrict yourself to that, I would be obliged.

  33. tzard says:

    Quick. I tried to see how fast it was, but it’s almost instantaneous. The old page took a couple of seconds sometimes.

  34. Geoffrey says:

    Same speed, but that could be on my end. Using DSL / Firefox.

  35. mpolo says:

    The blog seems to load quickly for me, but if I open a second tab to read the comments on an article (or close the tab with the blog), it starts to totally overwhelm Firefox — the whole browser grays out and is unusable for several seconds. This is, needless to say, pretty frustrating. It’s as though there was a script getting stuck, but I wouldn’t think that the site would be heavily scripted.

  36. wanda says:

    Loading jimminy-quick here.

  37. TomB says:

    Anything’s better than Starbucks over-roasted beans. (IMO, of course.)

  38. Vox clamantis in deserto says:

    loading quick, without any problems
    it seems that the influence of THE vortex does not reach to Europe :-)

  39. Paula says:

    Father, when you say “cue music” for the Mystic Monk coffee, what sort of music should we cue? Speeded-up Gregorian chant, perhaps?

  40. laurazim says:

    Loads just fine out here in the sticks…..and looks fantastic! :)

  41. Bryan Boyle says:

    Looks actually fine and snappy here on the end of a connection that is streaming 2 catholic radio services at 96kbs, feeding 6 various websites, as well as my home use for ham radio call letter and DX spotting. Oh, yeah, echolink (pc-t0-ham radio repeater) and the occasional Ustream feed.

    In other words, working just fine. Back to my mug of Mystic Monk….

  42. Stvsmith2009 says:

    I have 5 browsers on my computer. When I make any changes on my blogs, I look at the blogs in each browser to be sure the layout and look are consistent. The way a blog looks, it’s loading speed, etc., can all be affected by the browser in use. A blog can look and “behave” great in Firefox or Chrome for example, and can be the complete opposite in another broswer, particulary in older versions of Internet Explorer such as 5.0 or 6.0. I tried loading your blog in all 5 browsers on my Window XP machine with 2 GB of RAM, and a wireless connection. The browsers that loaded this blog fastes were (from fastest to slowest): Google Chrome 6.0, Opera 10.62, Firefox 3.6.10, IE 8.0, and last of all, Safari 5.0.2. If your friend is using an older version of Internet Explorer that may be his problem. Friends don’t let friends use IE.

  43. TKS says:

    Super slow since new format. MacOS X 10.5.8; Firefox latest. Never had any problems before and other blogs/web pages load fast. Took 4 minutes to log on. Anyone have any ideas for me as I seem to be the minority.

  44. Mary Ann says:

    I miss the preview button also. I’m a rotten speller….even forgot how to spell “the” one time as an adult! :-D
    BUT, progress not perfecion eh? ;-)

  45. Sliwka says:


    A few days back while I think you were doing some updating it was slow for me on any format. Running Firefox on Vista it runs quite fine.

  46. Anyone else having trouble on MacOS X 10?

  47. RVisotski says:

    I have Mac 10.6.4 and it is loading much faster than before. Than k you!

  48. mdillon says:

    Loads fine on my Mac OS X 10.6.4 using Firefox and using Safari

  49. Anne M. says:

    I use Firefox and IE. It loads faster in IE now, but slower in Firefox. In fact, it normally takes several attempts for me to get it to load in Firefox. I think the problem is because I have NoScript installed which does cause some sites to load more slowly depending on how many scripts try to run when a site is opening.

  50. Sandra_in_Severn says:

    Firefox and Safari user – loads MUCH quicker now.

  51. Agnes says:

    I use Firefox and it is fast – lightning fast.

  52. Christina says:

    Yeah, I have to agree, here. I much prefer reading the whole posts in a reader, especially from a blog that sometimes has many posts in a day. But, the page loads very well in Firefox on my (husband’s) mac.

  53. pcstokell says:

    It works just fine, Padre.

    BTW, Campari Soda trumps Mystic Monk and demands equal time.

  54. Tina in Ashburn says:

    Using Firefox on my Mac as usual, and the blog loads fast, just fine.

  55. VEXILLA REGIS says:

    Now loading rocket fast for me Father!

  56. Tina in Ashburn says:

    ooh. i take back my previous comment above. I just clicked on the comment link for the rat story and I went into eternal hold. Black screen. Spinning beach ball of death [Mac’s wait icon is a colored spinning ball]. After waiting awhile I had to do a Force Quit of my browser to get out. hmmmm.

    Those rats!

  57. John 6:54 says:

    Way faster than before, IMHO

  58. Tina in Ashburn says:

    I’m on Mac’s 10.6.4

  59. kelleyb says:

    My hubby’s Mac OS X 10.6.4 with chrome opened extremely fast. My PC firefox is adequate.

  60. K. Marie says:

    It’s been loading faster than usual for me lately. And speaking of Mystic Monk I have some Midnight Vigils Blend on it’s way to me right now. Any suggestions for brewing?

  61. graphiya says:

    Using Firefox 3.6.10 on a PC (running Vista). It’s loading very quickly. Thanks again for all the care you put into your blog. It’s the first one I read each time I get online.

  62. Supertradmum says:

    Quick, but not too fast..

  63. LOL! What would be “too fast”?

  64. JuliB says:

    Yes it loads fast, but so did the old style. FWIW – I LOVE the top image!

  65. frjim4321 says:

    It loads at about the same speed as other sites on my Dell Dimension 8400 with IE8.

    The Z-Cam webcam screen is now appearing correctly, the right half is no longer hidden.

    Is mobile still active? I’m back to microscopic print on my Treo (other sites like CNN have comfortably sized fonts).

  66. Samuel81 says:

    The blog is loading quickly, but displayig incorrect. I’m on IE9 (the public Beta) and the header image is out of line (completely to the right).

  67. drwob says:

    Safari 5.0.2 and Mac OS X (10.6.4). Yesterday (Saturday), it froze Safari every time I loaded (seemed to be related to the UStream preview). Tonight (Sunday), it’s fine (but I notice that the UStream preview is now a slideshow rather than a live feed, so who knows?)…

  68. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    I have dial-up service at home, so everything loads slowly here. Other places, it loads quickly, but most specifically in reference to the dial-up speed at home.


  69. trentecoastal39 says:

    Father,What Cue Music are you Talking About?(Red Comments Please)

  70. Benjamin says:

    Father, the blog loads very quickly here (Central Europe) with Firefox 3.6.10 & Windows 7 on a PC. No problem. In fact, it loads significantly quicker than the old one. May our Lord bless you (with many more Mystic Monk coffee). :)

  71. says:

    Two big caveats: 1- I’m running off the wi-fi at a hotel, 2- that hotel happens to be in Lubbock, TX.

    The banner image loaded slow the first time, but once it was cached it was fine. Viewed it in Firefox. You may try increasing the compression ratio a bit on the image. I played with it a bit in GIMP (who needs Adobe?) and was able to decrease it from 74 kb to about about 45-50 kb that, with a little bit of smoothing, still looks pretty good.

  72. Bryan Boyle says:

    Just tried on my MacOSX MacBook Pro here via a 4G myfi hotspot in the office. Nema problema. And that’s both the native (updated) Safari, as well as the latest Firefox load.

  73. Bryan Boyle says:

    It loads before you click the link (as in…hmmm, they want to go to WDTPRS, so, I’ll load it before they ask for it…) in the bookmark list.

    Come to think of it…

  74. Blog loads quickly tis a good thing

  75. Legisperitus says:

    On the subject of Mystic Monk, it seems as if the good monks are running into some ignorance-based opposition to their settlement in Wyoming.

  76. Philangelus says:

    Another vote for a non-truncated RSS feed. There are too many posts for me to both keep it in the feed reader and have to come here anyhow.

  77. irishgirl says:

    It’s still a little slow loading for me. But it comes on find once it does….

    What do I know about technology? Not much…..meh….

  78. Peggy R says:

    Much quicker. It’s great. I like the format visually. Seems easy on the eyes.

  79. vernonq says:

    It’s certainly loading fast enough for me here in London today.

  80. robkphd says:

    The page is loading very slowly for me. A bit less slowly today than yesterday, but not nearly with the speed prior to the switch over. I gave up trying to post this reply yesterday it was so slow, but I was able to get here today – but it is not fast for me.

  81. Nathan says:

    Mdillon, in my subjective opinion, the monks’ Midnight Vigils Blend gives anybody’s dark roast a run for their money. It’s powerful and full-bodied, but dosen’t have the burned aftertaste that I found in a lot of Starbucks.

    Tony, I’m with you. I still have fond memories of one of my old offices in the Pentagon, where in order to belong to the coffee mess, you had to bring in the cheapest swill you could find (generic white label “Coffee” being the most popular). We called it the Cheap Crude Coffee Fund.

    I knew I was getting old when I went on my youngest son’s Cub Scout campout and the Tiger den leader had a French Press for the morning. If I had been in charge, we would have enjoyed real swill for being in the woods…

    In Christ,

  82. momravet says:

    The blog loads much faster for me, tho’ it might be because I upgraded the browser to IE8 from IE 6 around the time the blog went kablooie. (Use XP/IE8/DSL)

  83. carolinapublican says:

    The new Layout is WAY faster than the old one!!!
    At home (PC & Mac) as well as at the office or school.

    WAY faster!

    Thanks, Father

  84. greg the beachcomber says:

    Also loads fine on my Mac OS X 10.6.4 using Firefox and Safari.

  85. Charliebird says:

    I have Firefox. The blog loads with a slight hiccup, but it could be my connection. Also, it seems that the blog is always playing music?!? That is great and all that but, honestly, I often am listening to other things when reading the blog….hard to do when the blog plays music! thoughts?>……

    Great blog, though….LOVE it :)

  86. Charliebird says:

    OK…I think I fixed that finally….found the pause button….but it WAS playing on its own…I thought….mea culpa if not.

  87. joan ellen says:

    Fr. Z, I just love the new blog format, the music, etc., etc. It loads quickly on my DSL connected laptop. On my Pantech Reveal basic cell phone, so non html, the blog fits just right on the screen, is easier to read, and get from place to place than the older blog version. It’s not as quick here, but manageable. Not so bad that I have to run out and get a smart phone. Thank you for the time it took to do this. It is appreciated.

  88. jmcj says:

    Sorry, Father. Since you updated the site, it’s been loading VERY slowly for me.

    Can you drop the music? It’s kind of cheesy to have music play for a blog.

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