Midday Mass in Midtown Manhattan

I am about to say the TLM at Holy Innocents Church on 37th near Broadway.

I find that it is a Requiem Mass today.

Prayer for the dead is a work of mercy.

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  1. momoften says:

    I know one can celebrate a Requiem Mass for various reasons. Why today Father?

  2. They asked me to. It was scheduled.

  3. AnnaTrad51 says:

    Father offered a Requiem Mass at our parish today to. They often do in days that are ferias.

  4. ssoldie says:

    I want the Requim Mass when I die, I wonder if it will be available?

  5. Mario Bird says:

    Hi Father,

    I have a dear friend who is an aspiring opera singer in New York and would like to attend one of your weekday Masses. Will you be saying any others this week?


  6. Mario: Yes. I am not sure about tomorrow. But, the other days, I believe. Sunday for sure. On Sunday the music for Mass will be Ockegham’s Missa au travail suis

  7. HighMass says:

    Wow Ssoldie,

    Just said the same thing the other day, I too want a Requiem High Mass for my Funeral Mass….Three Candles on both sides of the coffin….and those beautiful Prayers.

    Sure hope we get what our last wishes are. I attended in the 1960’s a Catholic Grade School, we sang alot of Requiem High Mass, (daily) for the souls of the faithfully departed in November……

    In all honestly I find the new funeral Mass of Christian Burial a bit to Presumptuous, Yes God is a loving God, but also a Just God….

    In Catholic Funeral Mass these days (and thank GOD we have them) one tends to hear that purgatory no longer exists….yum…..

  8. Nathan says:

    Ssoldie and HighMass, a bit of unsolicited advice.

    If you want a TLM Requiem High Mass for your funeral, start planning it now (regardless of your age). I would recommend having a written acknowledgment that a priest is willing to say the Mass, and that you instruct your family/executors in writing that this is how you want it to happen.

    The reason is that 1) funeral directors and parishes (unless you’re going to a FSSP parish or the like) will direct your survivors to the default, that is the NO; 2) most OF parishes, even if they have a regularly scheduled TLM, do not have the six candlesticks for the catafalque, many do not have black vestments, and black palls for the catafalque are even rarer; and 3)there is often enough bureaucracy involved that I would think you really don’t want your grieving family trying to get permission then. If you express interest now (or even offer to donate something like a black pall or one of the candlesticks), you’re much more likely (IMO) to get your request. You’ll also have to give your family explicit details on where they can find musicians who can sing the TLM Requiem Mass. Finally, you may want to consider making sure that there are altar boys trained in the special ceremonies in the Traditional Form(reception of the body, the absolution, omission of the kisses at Mass)at the parish where you would like your funeral to occur.

    I served at a TLM Exequial Requiem Mass a couple of months ago, and it took two TLM devotees (who stepped in because this was a glaring need, not because they were family) at least five or six hours of dedicated work to find black vestments, candlesticks, unbleached candles, and servers for a Low Requiem Mass, even when there was a willing priest.

    Hope this spurs some thought.

    In Christ,

  9. HighMass says:

    Thank You Nathan,

    GREAT Points….here is what I have found out….area where I am at, of course is not flourishing with Priests who know the EF of Holy Mass.
    Candle sticks are Still in the room where the Alter servers (formally alter boys vested). The local Funeral Home Still has the Black Pall…..And just by luck a Black Vestment, minus the Cope….
    Yea I am sure it will be a challenge for those who want to respect my wishes…..Luckley the alter servers are trained for Sunday Mass, not Requiem Masses. (Haven’t been to a Requiem High Mass in 45 yrs more or less)Family shouldn’t need permission, but then again in our parts, I am SURE The request would be met with resistance.
    Thanks for all the great points.

    God BLess

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