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On the blog Southern Orders I saw that Fr. M has some news, as well as a very satisfying and at the same time disgusting photo.

Well, I got access to a computer to update you on the continuing saga of “As the Rat Turns” or if you like, “Another Rat!” I post this as I look out of the window of my hotel overlooking the magnificent Gulf. In fact in the post below, I’m in the high rise hotel that is horseshoe shaped. It is wonderful. But I digress!

When I departed the rectory as we had a missionary priest preach this weekend for Mission Coop Sunday, I told Fr. Justin to call the priest who is from Viet Nam and tell him of our rat problem and that we would put him up in a hotel if he felt uncomfortable staying in our rectory that is hospitable to priests and rats alike. He said he was from Viet Nam and rats don’t bother him–he said it not me so don’t castigate me–he has a sense of humor too!

At any rate, on Saturday morning, Fr. Justin awoke to go downstairs and at the bottom of the first flight of stairs he noticed  [CUE MUSIC] a rat trap that wasn’t there and he noticed that a rat trap that was under a curio in our bedroom hallway was gone! This is by the bedroom door of our Vietnamese visitor! So he went down and found a dead rat attached to the trap. The rat struggled with the trap around his neck and got all the way down the stairs from the hallway upstairs[Serves him right.]

This is rat number five that we’ve executed and he is a big one!!!!!!!!!!!!


Go read the rest over there spike their traffic.  Tell ’em hi from Fr. Z!

BTW… I sent the priests two of my coffee mugs.  Perhaps some of you would send them some coffee!

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  1. ghp95134 says:

    Heck, that’s no rat …. that’s a bald-tail squirrel. They taste just like tree squirrels when roasted.

    (yes, I’ve eaten squirrel).


  2. ghp: You remind me of a priest friend of mine who, when at a certain “Chinese” all-you-can-eat restaurant refers to the chicken things on bamboo skewers as “Rat-on-a-Stick”.

  3. mike cliffson says:

    Where IS Basil?

  4. kelleyb says:

    Mike Cliffson,
    I think Basil has been sent to the “Chinese” all you can eat…
    I miss him

  5. irishgirl says:

    ‘Rat on a stick’-ewwwww!

    Well, at least the good Fathers are ‘getting the upper paw’ in the ‘rat wars’!

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