Some random thoughts

Some random thoughts.

  • Quentin Tarantino belongs in jail.
  • To a certain pastor I know: Can you spell “scarlet fever”?
  • Lemon can be a good substitute for salt.
  • Chinese calligraphy slightly slopes, doesn’t it?
  • Tonight Jupiter is very close. You can see the moons clearly with a telescope.
  • Chop herbs at the last possible moment.

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  1. rtmp723 says:

    When I went on to the page I totally thought it was for a second. I got very confused. haha. Good luck with re-working the blog Father!

  2. kradcliffe says:

    I Googled news for Tarantino, and saw only accusations that he’s an elitist snob, perhaps guilty of nepotism. I’m glad it’s nothing more serious.

    The second bullet point intrigues me and I will now go Google that.

  3. sea the stars says:

    You can actually make out the Galilean moons of Jupiter (Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto) with a good binoculars at th emoment ( I have a 15 x 70 skymaster). A pair of bins with good optics can get you hooked on sky watching for life.

  4. J Kusske says:

    I think I saw Jupiter even with the bright Mid Autumn Festival moon in the sky shedding lots of light. Does that make this Mid Autumn Festival even better than usual? Or is that the Twins clinching the AL Central with 11 days to go, the first team in the majors? I can’t say, but Zhong Qiu Jie kuai le to you, Father!

  5. Scott W. says:

    Not seeing a banner pic for your blog. I know you are sorting it out, but I thought I would point that out if you didn’t know.

  6. PerIpsum says:

    Ok, I get the thing about Quentin Tarentino, but I think he’s good for catharsis. His last movie did involve a lot more witty and entertaining dialogue – you have to give him that much!

  7. traditionalorganist says:

    Trying to figure out what the scarlet-fever pastor one is…but in other news…I just ordered a four-pack with sampler of Mystic Monks Coffee. All whole bean, the roasts are: Mystic Monks blend, Midnight Vigil, Cowboy Blend, and Hermits Bold, with a sampler of the Royal Rum Pecan. I’m very excited. Oh, and I clicked on your link to buy it Father, but I didn’t see any coupon code or something that would help you too. Did I do something wrong?

  8. Andy Milam says:

    I’m pretty sure I know the pastor with “Scarlet Fever.” As a revered senior pastor used to say, “X is for X is for X.” And since all of his friends are now being made bishops, I am sure that it’s driving him batty….

  9. Rich says:

    Please publish your random thoughts more often, Father. They are especially enjoyable.

  10. traditionalorganist: When ordering, you don’t have to do anything special. Just use the link on this page. There is no special code or anything like it. When you use that link and order, they will know you got to there site from here. And I am sure you will enjoy the coffee!

  11. tianzhujiao says:

    I didn’t know about substitutiong lemon for salt. Thanks for sharing the culinary tip Father. I am sure it does not apply to salt in holy water :)

  12. doanli says:

    Wow, I thought I had accidentally clicked the link for another blog.

    I’d love to tinkle with my poor blog, but I don’t have the knowledge.

    Have a wonderful, blessed day, Father Z.

  13. Jordanes says:

    Tinkle, or tinker? I think there’s an important difference.

    @ Tarantino — his movies violate the moral law and aesthetic standards, but apparently don’t violate secular laws . . . which is a shame.

  14. sawdustmick says:

    My Own Random thought.

    Good name for a Rock band

    Git Clone and The Vortex !

  15. FranzJosf says:

    Some more random thoughts:

    Northern Europeans have a different style of penmanship from Americans.

    Never write: This is because… Instead: The reason is that…

    Eat shrimp remoulade on Friday. (I’ve got a great Gulf Coast recipe!)

    Read Fortescue for fun or to restore sagging hope.

    What does “scarlet fever” mean in the above context? Red is for Pentecost. ‘Slain in the Spirit’? Red is for martyrs. Don’t be a cry baby? Dunno.

  16. On the topic of herbs, always use fresh herbs – loads of supermarkets tend to not sell very fresh herbs.

  17. iudicame says:

    Terrible this BLOG crisis – shall we expect some Fr.Z-care or more blue bird bailouts in the works?


  18. bookworm says:

    Re Quentin Tarantino: I agree that he probably deserves jail time for making "Pulp Fiction" and "Reservoir Dogs," but believe it or not, I actually sorta liked "Kill Bill"… 
    SPOILER ALERT (Don't read the rest of this post if you have not seen "Kill Bill Vol. 2")
    I found it intriguing that Uma Thurman's character (The Bride/Beatrix) in Kill Bill, despite being a trained professional killer, instantly changes her tune the moment she discovers she is pregnant, and decides to give up her profession (that turns out to be only temporary, however). I woulda thunk that a hardened killer like her would have had no problem deciding to simply call the nearest abortion clinic in the morning and carry on like nothing had happened. Instead, she immediately recognizes that she is responsible for another, innocent human life. A rather surprising pro-life note in an otherwise violent, but somehow compelling, flick. 

  19. Iconophilios says:

    A random thought:
    Vilnius is a good name for a city. Another great thing for the Lithuanians.

  20. FranzJosf says:

    Several years ago, I had the great fortune of spending a month in the center of Vilnius.  (My apartment window looked across the street to Parliament.)  What nice people!  (And oh, what they endured.  I shall never forget being taken through the KGB prison, where unspeakable cruelty had reigned.)  God bless that hearty people.

  21. The Cobbler says:

    “My Own Random thought.

    Good name for a Rock band

    Git Clone and The Vortex !”

    I second that for a band name, but perhaps Fr. Z should pick the genre? (It could be obvious, but one doesn’t give chant choirs names like that… as far as I know of…) Pity I wouldn’t have time to play in it, I know the basics of the svn repo.

    Speaking of which, Father: if sufficiently developed technology is indistinguishable from magic, are programmers indistinguishable from wizards?

  22. Iconophilios says:

    Did you visit the Hill of Crosses in Siauliai?

  23. The Cobbler: you would leave out Zuhlio? Or is he in the band too?

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