The Feeder Feed

It has been a while since I have posted any shots from the feeder.Twitter

A whole bunch o’ Blue Jays.  There were a couple more as well.

This Nutchatch likes safflower.

I was surprised today to spot a Rose-breasted Grosbeak.  I thought they were gone.

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  1. The first winter Juncoes are showing up in the Twin Cities.

  2. Back in June, Father, inspired by your example, I bought a bird feeder and hung it outside the kitchen window. I have since learned by personal experience the alarming quantities my local avians can consume in a single day. This has given me all kinds of sympathy for you, and it made your Mary Poppins “Feed the Birds” clip very effective, though it certainly was (in your own words) “shamelessly manipulative.” ;-)

    When I buy seed for my birds I’ll buy some for yours.

  3. RomeontheRange: I hope you can get some pictures some day! And they sure can eat!

  4. wanda says:

    It’s very nice to see all those Blue-Jays, although they are gobblers and make lots of noise.
    There has been a noticeable lack of them here.

    (Trivia – Juncoes here nick-named ‘snow-birds’.)

  5. Desertfalcon says:

    Nice to look at those pictures, Father. I’ve been needing a lift lately and that helps.

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