The Magisterium of Nuns now inspires proponents of unnatural “marriage”

In the debate about Obamacare, many catholic women religious failed in their Catholic identity test.  They rather chose to give cover to catholic pro-abortion democrats in Congress so that they could salve the consciences and vote in favor of legislation that would fund abortion.  All this despite the admonishment and warning of the Catholic bishops of the United States.

These women religious set themselves up as an alternate, parallel “magisterium” over and against that of the bishops’ authority to teach.   This is their Magisterium of Nuns.

FishwrapThe National Catholic Fishwrap has chosen to underscore one of their favorite topics by running a story provided by the Religion News Service.

The story, by Daniel Burke, is entitled “Catholics face ‘mutiny’ over teachings on gay marriage“.

I will spare you the details of the article which you can read on your own.

But this is the salient part.

After describing initiatives to defend the true nature of marriage, for example, Archbp. Nienstedt’s good project to send 400,000 DVDs to Catholics in Minnesota, we read:

Catholic gay-rights supporters have been emboldened by the example of nuns who bucked the bishops by supporting the health-care overhaul Congress passed last March, said Francis DeBernardo, executive director of New Ways Ministry, one of the groups involved in Equally Blessed.

“People are using that as a touchstone,” he said. “They see that the nuns were courageous and they feel like they can be courageous. Courage is contagious.”

The abortion issue is now feeding into the unnatural “marriage” issue.  Are we surprised?  Really?

If the Catholic bishops in the United States needed a little reminder about how many of the communities of women religious are not on the same page, look no further.

To any bishops reading: There is no common ground with the women religious who are trying to undermine your authority.  Dialogue serves the purposes of the left.  They are at war with you.

The Magisterium of Nuns does not teach for the Church.  Our bishops teach for the Church.

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  1. EXCHIEF says:

    What ever happened to the Vatican directed visitations scheduled for women “religious” here in the United States? Time is long overdue for a public and forceful statement by the Bishops and/or Vatican that these rogue groups are not “Catholic” and do not represent authentic Catholic teaching.

  2. momravet says:

    Why aren’t the dissident nuns immediately expelled from their orders and kicked to the curb? If an employee undermined their company in the same manner they would be out immediately – often escorted by a security guard. We need to see examples of good religious nuns being put forward and clear direction from the bishops that the actions of the dissident nuns won’t be tolerated. Otherwise people will use the excuse that “Oh, Sister so-and-so said it was OK to abort your child or for your brother to marry his best buddy and the bishops are so out of touch.” to make excuses for their own sins and ignorance of moral law.

  3. DBuote says:

    How do we fix this problem of women ‘religious’.. Simple USCCB issues a statement that reads: “These women of whom are speaking about the Catholic Church are in NO way affiliated or represent the views of the Catholic Church, or the US Bishops”

    In other words excommunicate the whole lot of them. We need an inquisition.

  4. TJerome says:

    Do you mean to say “Magisterium of Nuts?” I’ll remember this when the old dears beg for support in retirement.

  5. shadowlands says:

    If Nuns are praying their rosary and contemplating the joyful mysteries appropriately, I defy them to be pro-abortion. I asked Jesus, if it was His will, to allow me to become closer to His Mother. He did, and in doing so, I became closer to mankind generally and particularly, and his (mankind’s) preciousness. Those babies, who will be aborted through the nun’s public acquiescence, will need to be asked for their forgiveness, by these nuns. I am no scholar, yet I can see this. Why can’t the nuns?
    Our Lady opens hearts and eyes. Look through her heart, in the rosary.

  6. rakesvines says:

    I share your frustration and disgust over these selfish, faithless dissidents who subvert the discipline and dampen the morale and esprit de corps of the Church. Whenever the Church is threatened, it is the primary duty of the bishop to correct the disorder. It might help to know who are the bishops who have authority over these wolves. That way we know who are protecting the flock and those who are negligent. My worst fear is the that bishop(s) themselves are Liberal. At that point, the Church needs to beseech Rome. I grieve deeply that these polyester pantsuit wearing adulterous nuns are infecting the Mystical Body of Christ with venereal disease coming from their arrogance and feminist agenda – specially Carol Keehan & her coven at CHA.

  7. Anonymous Seminarian says:

    Interesting choice of words. Know what else is contagious? Viruses…speaking of which, is a ‘contagion’ metaphor really what they want to be using when talking about homosexual arrangements?

  8. Jacob says:

    The visitation was coming along, last I saw. A final report and public pronouncements will probably not come anytime soon.

    Slightly off topic: if anyone could rec0mmend any sources for writing a Wikipedia article on the IHM Sisters of California and Arizona, I’d appreciate it.

  9. Bornacatholic says:

    I used to allow myself to get furious about the Bishops collective refusal to Teach, Rule, and Sanctify but I have found that, over the years, I have become less furious and more sanguine about the Bishops not doing their Duty and I think the change in me is a result of Jesus answering my constant prayer to Him to give me the Grace to Believe in Him more; to Trust in Him more; to Hope in Him more; to Adore Him more; and to Love Him more.

    I am just happy that I never have to answer for the enormous responsibility the Bishops shoulder. As it is, I have failed more often than not in my own responsibilities.

    Part of my anger directed at the Bishops, I think, was an ideological heretical simulacrum that I was attached to – that if I didn’t say or write something about this that or the other undischarged Episcopate duty then I would somehow bear moral responsibility.

    As Lincoln used to say, whatever.

    Jesus is The Head of The Catholic Church; not me. And He will deal with Bishops who do not do their Duty.

    P.S. I do think one has a duty to let his Bishop know when Contra-Magisterial mayhem and madness is observed, but, once that has been done, that is it.

    Let it go. There is no need for anger.

    Just make some Pesto for your pasta, grille some Salmon, roast some asparagus, drink some Cabernet, listen to Vivaldi, and love your wife and children.

  10. Randii says:

    This battle is lost already in terms of rank and file Catholics.

    The results from Proposition 8 had a majority of Catholic voters opposing it while Mormon and evangelical voters overwhelmingly supported it – like 85% or so. The election was close and the Mormons and evangelicals made the difference in 8 passing by a small margin.

    Officially the Catholic church in California supported 8 and a few bishops were in the forefront. But many were quiet and at the local parish level many priests and congregations openly opposed 8. Evidenced in more than half of Catholic voters opposing 8.

    In the Mormon church which is hierarchical like the Catholic church you would never see such open and widespread disobedience to Mormon teachings. The “institutional” chuch from the ward bishop on up aand teachers at Mormon schools are almost 100% on the same page. it’s an incredible show of unity of belief which is why Mormonism is the fastest growing religion, or second fastest if you include Islam. It’s the witness that draws seekers.

    Dissidents arise in the Mormon church but they are quickly admonished and removed from any official position – if they don’t come back into conformity.

    It is so different in the Catholic church and frankly it’s too late to turn things back. A widespread cleaning out of chuch insitutions and personnel could never work. It would be successfully resisted.

    If the rank and file leadership and teachers in the church don’t believe – as a good number of them don’t – well, the battle is lost. Certainly on gay marriage the battle is lost. The Archbishop of England recently said who knows what the future holds for gay marriage in the church – this after being confronted by a reporter who was praising the Anglican church’s move towards embracing gay marriage.

  11. JohnE says:

    I just ran across this article:

    I’m not familiar with Intercessors of the Lamb, but it seems as though there is some cleanup going on.

  12. EXCHIEF says:

    Admitting defeat may be appropriate in a sporting event. Admitting or allowing defeat in the Church cannot be justified. It is our duty to oppose wrongs within the Church and to do all that is humanly possible (which of course includes prayer) to defeat the wrongs and instill the “rights”. The only battle that is lost is one where the good guys give up fighting. There is ample evidence that, admittedly slowly, more and more Bishops are openly taking the right stand on issues. That needs to be supported and one day, perhaps not in our lifetimes, the return to true Catholic teaching may be complete.

    As disappointed as I often am with the Bishops’ lack of spine I am heartened by the increasing number of young Catholics who are beginning to have an orthodox impact. As examples I cite the young Catholic College students based in Florida who speak out in support of correct Church teaching, the number of young men and women who are entering the Priesthood (men) and “traditional” religious orders, and the number of young people I am now seeing at our very recently introduced TLM. I think the Bishops are noticing things such as this as well and that may very well bolster their “intestinal fortitude” when it comes to taking correct positions on controversial issues.

  13. MWindsor says:

    Ya know, once upon a time, they had rather simple and direct ways of dealing with mutineers…

  14. thefeds says:

    Yes, these self-delusional morons should be courageous, they should courageously accept the fact that they are no longer in communion with the Catholic Church, nor with Peter’s successor. Courageously, they should all dance (liturgically, with incense) to the nearest Protestant denomination and join!

  15. Jacob says:

    George @ Convert Journal:

    I know, I wrote it. But I’m always looking for new, reputable sources. Most websites and books I’ve found tend to support the sisters who wanted out and there are only so many websites out there that do more than recycle William Coulson’s personal recollections.

  16. TNCath says:

    Once again, the Sisters undermined the Church. We can only hope that the demise of the LCWR religious communities will make way for the orders of the CMSWR to thrive.

  17. Miles Propheta says:

    The beautiful thing about wayward communities is this: they die out.

    There are some amazingly vibrant orders in the U.S. right now, including Intercessors of the Lamb and the Community of St. John. They attract so many, both to the novitiate and to oblature, it is truly amazing.

    Watch the dissenting convents. The Sisters are old. They don’t have novices. The Spirit is already at work, as more and more of the New Faithful (read the book, it’s interesting – basically, the generation that is searching for our Catholic identity, willing to ask questions like our parents, but willing to accept answers like our grandparents) are joining, supporting, and enlivening the orders that are truly in union with the Spirit.

    And do we really care what the media says? They haven’t given us a fair shake in years…

  18. FMartinez says:

    I always find it most intresting that those who would want to challenge Christ’s true Church are in no position to do so. Methinks these rouge “nuns,” if they so can be called, need to get Cathechized all over again or excommunicated.

  19. Supertradmum says:

    Please, above, do not compare the Intercessors of the Lamb, with the Magisterium of Nones, as the former hold the doctrines and teachings of the Catholic Church, despite local problems. The financial irregularities may be carelessness, but some of the local criticisms are anti-Catholicism, in a city which is the “San Francisco of the North”.

    The Magisterium of Nones hold sway in my area, where there is only one nun who is obedient to Mother Church and where most of the orders went liberal and became disobedient over thirty years ago. The order who taught me in college invited NOW on campus and it was only the alumni groups which stopped this travesty of “sexual counseling” to Catholic girls from NOW. That was in the early ’70s.

    Why all the sisters/nuns have not been corrected, I do not know. In our diocese, these dears regularly supported POTUS and were and have been extremely vocal about pro-abortion, pro-contraception policies as “not being as important as social justice issues”. One cannot get through to these sisters, who also say daily hours in not approved versions with exclusive, horrible language, which denies the Incarnation by never referring to Jesus Christ as “He”, and insisting on using “God” in the Mass where “Father” should be said. I know this personally, as I have joined these sisters in prayer in the past and was astounded at the translations, used by four orders, two Benedictine groups, one Carmelite, and one teaching order here in Iowa.This has been going on for over three decades. Why bishops have tolerated all the disobedience, I do not know. Not wearing habits is also part of the rebellious attitude of these multiple orders.

    I was talking to the Superior of one of these Magisterium of Nones several years ago (2007) and she could not understand why the order to which she belonged was not getting vocations…..

  20. catholicmidwest says:

    What do nuns do again? And why do we still have them?

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