A “SAY THE BLACK” request from seminarians

I had a note from some seminarians:

I and some fellow seminarians would like to order a polo shirt with the Say the Black Do the Red printed on it. We need the collared shirt to comply with dress code.

Dictum factum.

I added the shirt to the online store.

I also added an iPhone 4 slip cover, a new item!

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  1. PaulK says:

    I have a hunch which seminary made the request… ;)

  2. joanofarcfan says:

    Fr. Z., Don’t forget to make us some “Just Read the Damn Words” shirts and mugs.

  3. Willebrord says:

    I wonder which seminary it was. Here we wear cassocks to class, but can dress in casual clothes at other times.

  4. Mark01 says:

    I think we lay people should set a certain Sunday to all wear our say the black do the red shirts. Then we could try to find eachother after church. I for one have no idea if anyone else in my parish follows father z.

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