Responses from seminarians and priests to my post about the translation and Latin

Under another entry, I said that I would take some opinions from priests and seminarians about what they might do if the new, corrected English translation winds up not being very good.

If the translation is unsatisfactory, many of the young men being ordained will be happy to use more Latin.  People can use whatever translations they prefer.  That worked before.  It will work again.

Here are some responses.

[PUT “JUST USE LATIN RESPONSE” in the subject line and include your state in life.]

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  1. From a seminarian:

    As a seminarian who appreciates both the Extraordinary and Ordinary Forms of the Latin Rite, I am greatly anticipating the CORRECTED translation of the Missal. However, if it indeed proves to be "inadequate" (a conclusion I would reach after much study of the translation, of course), I would substitute as much Latin as was needed to fully express the propers of the mass.

  2. From a seminarian:

    I am a minor seminarian, and I already was planning on celebrating
    both the Extraodinary and Ordinary forms of the Roman Rite in Latin
    whenever possible (if, God willing, I am ordained one day).

    However, if the new translation turns out to be unsatisfactory, I will
    try to put more Latin into English Masses as well. I already know of
    at least one priest who does the Roman Canon in Latin.

  3. From a priest:

    If the new translation proves to be a dud then I shall simply use
    Latin exclusively (when celebrating the OF) whilst printing out the
    Propers for use by the congregation and following the example of the
    SSPX in St Nicolas de Chardonet read a proper translation of the
    readings before the daily homily (a short homily on the Saint/Readings
    of the day is customery in certain parts of England).

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