MUGS GONE WILD! This time MAGNET gone wild!

I love emails with photos of WDTPRS stuff, coffee mugs and other swag… in the wild.

A seminarian reader sent a note:

Hi Father, I thought you’d appreciate this.

This is on the…wait for it…”liturgy fridge” that has the wine and hosts for Mass in it at IHM Seminary in Winona.  Our priests, do, in fact “say the black and do the red.”  We have some truly great priests here, for whom I am very thankful.


Don’t forget the Oremus pro Pontifice items!

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  1. gradchica says:

    Love it! Fr Z/WDTPRS-ers, are there any child-sized shirts available? I couldn’t find any, but that may be just be me. My son just turned one, and I’d love to get him a “Say the Black” or “Save the Liturgy” shirt. He loves Gregorian chant & from the time he was able to kick in the womb gets restless and cranky during, ahem, less than orthodox liturgies, so they’d be perfect for him. Plus, who knows…baby shirts can be great conversation starters.

  2. I think someone should name a high-class colt “Say The Black” and a high-class filly “Do The Red” around the same time. Then the filly could win the Kentucky Oaks and the following day the colt could win the Kentucky Derby. This would help the cause of good liturgy immensely via good publicity. It is hard to imagine that the angels would not be able to help these two horses to cross the finish line first.

    I would volunteer, but I am not in a position to own racehorses. Meanwhile, I guess we will have to make do with refrigerator magnets and coffee mugs.

  3. Andrew: That was an exceptionally good idea.

  4. Liz says:

    Sometimes, I think you need a “like” button, Fr. Z.

  5. Liz: I don’t care if people “like” what I do or not.

    But when it comes down to it, I’ll bet most people do “like” it!

  6. bookworm says:

    “Someone should name a high-class colt ‘Say the Black’ and a high-class filly ‘Do the Red’ around the same time.”
    And after their racing careers are over, of course, they will have a colt together, and what should he be named? “Extraordinary Form”? “Lex Orandi”?

  7. Frank H says:

    “But when it comes down to it, I’ll bet most people do “like” it!”

    I sure do! Keep doing your thing, Fr. Z!

  8. irishgirl says:

    Love this! And at the seminary, too!
    Andrew-I like your horse-racing thought as well! ‘Say the Black, Do the Red’…very cool!
    Off-topic….Go Zenyatta! (Breeders’ Cup races this Saturday in Louisville. Zenyatta will defend her title in the last race, the Classic. If she wins, she will end her career undefeated and be named Horse of the Year)

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