The Feeder Feed

TwitterIt has been a while since I have posted feeder photos.   And these are a few days old, since I am in NYC at the moment.

I post these just to remind everyone that feeders are still there and also for the special delight of a certain priest whom I hear made a less than enthusiastic comment about the bird photos.

Just for him, this nuthatch.

Some Goldfinches.

I believe the Chickadees are scrounging up stuff to line their holes against the cold.

I have a couple roosting boxes on the wishlist.  Apparently they stack themselves inside and help retain warmth when it is a a gazillion below zero.

LOTS of Goldfinches.

I have always wondered how they get these little black sunflower seeds open so fast.

This Goldfinch spent some time looking in my window… or at its own reflection.

Help feed the birds!   They eat only from your donations.

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  1. Tina in Ashburn says:

    The birdie pictures always elicit delight, Father. Thanks.

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