Z-CAM/RADIO SABINA STREAMING TODAY – Rosary in Latin, prayers for Pope Benedict, music, other stuff

Z-Cam & Radio Sabina,Twitter or “Fr Z TV”.

I don’t control the ads.  Sorry.  I use Adblock Plus for Firefox, which works just fine!

The stream might get cut off from time to time and I can’t monitor it all the time.

I have entirely Latin chaplets of the Rosary followed by the Litany of Loreto and also prayers for the Pope in Latin and English cycling constantly. I also have a wonderful sung Salve Regina sung in Chinese. I will leave the chat box open so people can communicate, though beware of idiots.

Also, I cannot control the ads without paying Ustream a stupidly high fee. One of the versions of the Prayer for the Pope, Oremus pro Pontifice is sung in the Greek liturgical style but in Latin! Very interesting.

Watch the bird feeders and occasionally also my office.


Z-Chat should be open. I send out Tweets about when it is open via Twitter.

These critters are hungry. Will you help feed them? It’s just “tuppence a bag…

Well… far more than tuppence, actually…. HELP!

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By the way, Latin has various words for tweeting and tweets.  For example, pipo, pipare and pipio, pipire are both useful verbs for “to chirp, tweet”.  A pipatio (from pipo) is “a piping, chirping, whimpering” (which can be used to describe what people do, too). Even better is pipatus, us, m., one of those fun 4th declension nouns like senatus, meaning “a peeping, piping, chirping”.  Then there are pipilum, i, n. and pipilus,i, m., both meaning “a peeping, piping, chirping” and hence, “whimpering, crying” and therefore, “an outcry, upbraiding”.  Both of these are pretty good, considering how Twitter is often used.

Perhaps pipila can be used for angry tweets and pipatus for happier tweets.  There’s subtlety for you.

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