What were the biggest stories of 2010?

What were the biggest Catholic stories of 2010?

Let’s get some suggestions and then maybe I can organize a poll for some voting.

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  1. shane says:

    Unfortunately the biggest Catholic story of 2010 was the sex abuse scandals across Europe. Not a good year for the Church. After that, probably Benedict’s visit to England.

  2. Dr. Eric says:

    The condom debacle


  3. teaguytom says:

    Holy Father’s visit to Uk. especially the first Pope to visit Westminster Abbey. Also John Henry Newmans Beatification

  4. benedictgal says:

    1. The Visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the UK and the beatification of Blessed John Henry Newman
    2. The Massacre at the Iraqi Cathedral and the persecution of the Church in the Middle East
    3. The abortion tragedy at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Arizona
    4. The elevation of Raymond Cardinal Burke and Malcolm Cardinal Ranjinth
    5. The end of the Mahony Era with the appointment of Archbishop Jose Gomez as Co-adjutor Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles
    6. The approval of the revised Roman Missal
    7. The election of Archbishop Timothy Dolan as President of the USCCB
    8. The sexual abuse scandal
    9. The passage of Obamacare as spear-headed by Sr. Keehan
    10. The further unravelling of the Fr. Maciel scandal

  5. sejoga says:

    I know the announcement was made in 2009, and as of tonight no Ordinariate has yet been established, but I think the fact that 2010 has been a transition year for Anglicans seeking to avail themselves of the Holy Father’s plan for unity under Anglicanorum coetibus counts as a major news story.

    Also, I’m throwing my vote behind everything benedictgal has mentioned.

    Finally, the dedication of La Sagrada Familia was pretty major I think, but maybe that’s on a lower tier than some of the others.

  6. frjim4321 says:

    Catholic Relief Services response to the earthquake in Haiti.

    Terrorist violence against the Catholic Church in the Middle East. (Agree with bd.)

    Growing involvement and mixed response of U.S. hierarchs to civil marriage issues.

    Growing evidence of usefulness of NON-embryonic stem cell therapies.

    Evisceration of ICEL2008 by the mysterious forces behind ICEL2010.

  7. Mike says:

    While it might seem odd to non-believers, no-Communion in the hand at recent Papal Masses is pretty big.

  8. Supertradmum says:

    The visit of the Pope to Great Britain and especially his address in the same Parliament building where Thomas More was condemned.

    Second biggest, martyrdom of hundreds of Catholics in the Middle East and Africa intensifying at Christmas, with hardly a word from our government.

  9. digdigby says:

    My conversion. Well, to me anyway.

  10. bookworm says:

    “Second biggest, martyrdom of hundreds of Catholics in the Middle East and Africa intensifying at Christmas”

    Sadly, this is likely to be a top story, if not THE top story, in 2011 as well, as evidenced by the horrendous bombing attack today at a Coptic Church in Egypt, believed to be the work of (you guessed it) Al Qaeda.

  11. rakesvines says:

    Keehan vs USCCB on Obamacare.
    LCWR vs Visitation.
    Muslim violence against Christians – worldwide.
    Condom controversy.

  12. TNCath says:

    Here are mine, in no particular order. Some may not have been particularly prominent to the press, but they are nonetheless the “biggest” stories:

    1. The Pope’s trip to the UK.
    2. Sister Carol Keehan and Obamacare
    3. Bishop Olmsted’s removing the Catholic status from St. Joseph Hospital in Phoenix.
    4. The ongoing priest abuse scandal in Europe.
    5. Archbishop Timothy Dolan’s election as president of the USCCB
    6. The consistory of 2010
    7. The ongoing Mass translations issue.
    8. The ongoing Apostolic Visitation soap opera
    9. The ongoing persecution of the Church, especially in the U.S. and Middle East
    10. The ongoing restoration of liturgical traditions in the Vatican by Msgr. Guido Marini and the new director of the Cappella Sistina.

  13. medievalist says:

    Most certainly the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. John Allen is currently reporting the most UNDER-reported big stories of the year, and this one crops up as his number one.

  14. William says:

    2010 – The Invasion of Great Britain by Benoit le Conquerant! The biggest story since the year 1066, religious or otherwise! God bless and preserve Benedict XVI.

  15. Rob Cartusciello says:

    1. The Visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the UK and the beatification of Blessed John Henry Newman
    2. The Massacre at the Iraqi Cathedral and the persecution of the Church in the Middle East
    3. The use of Sr. Keehan by Democrat strategist to push forward Obamacare

    On a more personal level, the sexual abuse cases of two priests with whom I lived & worked were finally brought to light. Long-standing suspicions were finally vindicated, but these cases were kept secret far too long

  16. Joe in Canada says:

    The canonization of St Mary McKillop and St Brother Andre – taking “Catholic” to mean “pertaining to the purpose of the Church”.

  17. rakesvines says:

    Little known story about how the WH uses the “Say the black, do the red”paradigm in the teleprompter http://divine-ripples.blogspot.com/2011/01/say-black-do-red-in-teleprompter.html

  18. Jack Orlando says:

    For someone in the English-speaking world and knowledgeable about history, it’s simple. In the very words of the BBC TV reporter, announced breathlessly and solemnly when it happened:

    “Now, for the first time in history, a pope steps into Westminster Abbey.”

  19. BenB says:

    I must echo the above mentioned canonizations in the month of October, as I had the incredible honor of being present (Sts. Mary Mackillop, Andre Bessette, Giulia Salzano, Battista da Verano, Camilla de Jesus, Stanislau Soltys, orate pro nobis!) I would also include the Pontifical High Mass at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception (which thankfully will be taking place again this year.)

  20. irishgirl says:

    Here’s my list, in particular order:

    1) The Holy Father’s visit to the UK (‘Benoit le Conquerant’–I love that, William!)
    2) The deaths of Christians in the Middle East, especially in Iraq, and most recently, in Egypt.
    3) The November consistory (the elevations of Cardinals Burke and Ranjith, in particular)
    4) The ‘betrayal’ by Sr. Carol Keegan (Obamacare)
    5) Bishop Olmstead’s revocation of St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix.
    6) The October canonizations of St. Andre Bessette of Canada and St. Mary of the Cross MacKillop of Australia (‘ora pro nobis’)
    7) The new Mass translations
    8) Archbishop Dolan’s election as President of the USCCB
    9) The priest scandals in Europe (Belgium, Germany)
    10) The liturgical improvements at the Vatican under Msgr. Marini and the new director of the Sistine Chapel choir

    (yeah, I know I ‘stole’ several of these from other posters)

  21. irishgirl says:

    Whoops, I meant to say, ‘in NO particular order’….I should look over my entries before hitting the ‘post’ button….sigh…brain getting ahead of my fingers….
    But I think the ‘numero uno’ Catholic story of 2010 has got to be the Papal visit to the UK! That was huge!
    Be interested to see when your poll comes out, Father Z!

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