A really fun Super Bowl Commercial

Speaking of commercials, this one was GREAT. Most of them were not.

And the music is what I believe I will chose for my first entrance to my cathedral if I am ever made diocesan bishop of anywhere.  Just to set the tone for the upcoming years…. ya know?

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  1. Maria says:


    That was really nice.

  2. patergary says:

    “And the music is what I believe I will chose for my first entrance to my cathedral if I am ever made diocesan bishop of anywhere. :
    And your congregation will be trembling with fear. Black Miter, black crozier and black cope. LOL

  3. KAS says:

    OH, that was MARVELOUS! LOL. I could just see a Bishop entering with that music. It would certainly set the tone. Fabulous.

  4. “Don’t try to frighten us with your pontifical Mass, Lord Zedder. Your sad devotion to that ancient religion has not helped you conjure up the stolen sheep flocks, or given you bilocation enough to teleport to the dissenters’ hidden fortress….”

    (Z makes a choking motion with his hand)

    Bishop Zedder: “I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

  5. ejcmartin says:

    Especially funny given that last night that while I was finishing shoveling snow I accidentally hit the unlock button on my VW key fob. The resulting unsuspecting flash of lights made me jump out of my boots.
    Can I be in the “Stormtrooper” honor guard when you become bishop Father?

  6. I’m not in any way eligible to be a bishop, but I also think “O Fortuna” would be nice entrance-to-the-cathedral music. It’s even Latin. Teehee.

  7. RichR says:

    Cute commercial.

    Love the idea of the entrance music, as long as it’s followed by “Gather Us In.” ;0)

  8. digdigby says:

    A loving, smart, intelligent-looking dad on television? Are they crazy?

  9. AnAmericanMother says:


    A nice choice. Lyrics remind us of the transitory nature of the honors of the World. Not a bad thing.
    As C.S. Lewis noted, “Are these the Pagans you spoke of? Know your betters and crouch, dogs;/ You that have Vichy water in your veins and worship the event/ Your goddess History (whom your fathers called the strumpet Fortune).”

  10. JohnE says:

    That was my favorite ad too, as well as Suburbanbanshee’s comment.

  11. irishgirl says:

    That’s one funny commercial!
    ‘March of the Storm Troopers’-good one, Father Z! I can just imagine hearing that on a cathedral pipe organ!

  12. gloriainexcelsis says:

    It was the only commercial I really liked! Ugh, degrading, stupid, for most of the rest. My imagination, also, pictures Father Zedder as he portrays the future (?) event. LOL.

  13. A couple of my boys still use the force with the automatic doors at the grocery store. This is the best. My husband and I also like the commercial with the car “42 miles to the gallon” and the elderly man says “what?” and another elderly woman says “they said, 42 wild italians.” Funny stuff!

  14. Elly says:

    So Father Z might become a bishop after all!?!?

  15. Tony Layne says:

    As amusing as the idea is of your using “March of the Stormtroopers” for your introit (and I found Banshee’s embroidery on the theme hilarious) … that would make the dissenters the heroes. Sr. Keehan as Princess Leia? Hans Kung for Han Solo? No, I can’t see it.

    Better the final heroic march from Episode IV. And instead of Lord Zedder—Obi-Wan Zedobi!

  16. Rob Cartusciello says:

    I threatened my wife with using “War March of the Priests” as the recessional to our Nuptial Mass. I lost the argument on that one.

  17. Fr Matthew says:

    As bishop, Fr Z could use his crozier as a light saber to battle with liturgically incorrect clergy…

  18. Supertradmum says:

    Very cute, especially the little boy (assumption) trying to change his luncheon sandwich. By the way, is anyone else very embarrassed that one young singer in the US can’t remember the words to the National Anthem? Bad…show how stupid we are to the whole world. And, when I discussed this with a few young people today, they did not care, whereas my Dad was disgusted-he is 87 and a World War II vet.

  19. teaguytom says:

    I like this commercial as well as the ones with the beetle and the Coke dragon.

  20. AnnAsher says:


  21. eiggam says:

    This commercial was good because the parents were not portrayed as evil or stupid. I have nephews who may have been in that Darth Vader costume.

  22. Geoffrey says:

    Thank you for posting this, Father. Not being an American football fan, I went to see “The King’s Speech” instead!

    Great commercial! There used to be a video on YouTube with the Pontifical Swiss Guard marching to the “Imperial March” from episode II. I don’t know what happened to it.

  23. K. Marie says:

    Love this! If I am ever blessed with children I hope they do that sort of stuff.

  24. APX says:

    And the music is what I believe I will chose for my first entrance to my cathedral if I am ever made diocesan bishop of anywhere. Just to set the tone for the upcoming years…. ya know?
    Just watch, it’ll be one of those new cold and sterile contemporary architectural cathedral/conference centers they build now.

    Love the idea of the entrance music, as long as it’s followed by “Gather Us In.” ;0)
    Heeeeyyy!! I like that song! Better yet, Alle Alleluia! You can’t have church without a little raggae.

  25. MissOH says:

    That was definitely my favorite commercial. I would not mind seeing the new bishop of Los Angeles use it as he announces a renovation of the cathedral there.

  26. Leguleius says:

    You really need to see his unmasking on the Today Show. The kid looks like the Archangel Gabriel’s love child. You can find the segment on YouTube.

  27. Girgadis says:

    This delightful ad brought back memories of my son and his fascination with all things Star Wars, especially Darth Vader. It’s refreshing to see that a clever imagination can still be used in a wholesome way, as the creator of this ad used theirs.

  28. MargaretC says:

    I live in the Archdiocese of Omaha, and our Archbishop is…George Lucas. (This is not a joke. Google the website and find out for yourself.)

    Of course, at news of his appointment, jokes about crosiers-cum-light-sabers flew thick and fast…

  29. joanofarcfan says:

    I liked the Royal Caribbean commercial with the 1930s Hal Kemp Orchestra and Skinnay Ennis singing “It’s Winter Again.” A surprising moment of pleasantness.

  30. Tony Layne says:

    @ MargaretC: Y’know, I’m originally from Omaha, and I completely forgot to mention that tidbit! (Well, I left when the ordinary was still Abp. Elden Curtiss ….)

  31. irishgirl says:

    There is a very poignant story of the little boy behind the mask. He has a heart condition which he’s had since his birth.
    He is a cutie, though.

  32. irishgirl says:

    Supertradmum-I heard the horrible rendition of the National Anthem on the radio, and I was yelling, ‘All right already!’ and ‘Shut up!’ I was so aggravated-it was one of the worst renditions I’ve ever heard! Why do they get these no-talent ‘singers’ to put their own spin on the Anthem?
    Better to have a choir or quartet of military personnel to sing it!
    I hate it when it’s ‘jazzed up’! For heaven’s sake, JUST SING IT AS IT’S WRITTEN! [sorry for shouting, Father Z]

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