POLL ALERT! LOWEST Super Bowl Commercial

Our friends at SERVIAM have a poll going about which Super Bowl commercial lowered the standard for good, acceptable commercials, and made everyone collectively stupider and more vicious.


Let’s see if we can boost his voting turn out to thousands.

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  1. DHippolito says:

    I didn’t watch the game but I saw a few of the commericals online afterward. The best (and I mean that sincerely) is an animated one for Coca-Cola. A walled city of bear-like creatures is being attacked by an opposing army which has a fire-breathing dragon as its main weapon. The “bears” make an ice sculpture that has a Coke buried in it. The sculpture melts as the dragon breathes on it. The dragon drinks the Coke, starts breathing fireworks and streamers all around and the attacking army retreats. I know I’m not doing it justice but it was quite creative and well done.

  2. Emilio III says:

    It was a surprisingly good game, but I’m afraid I didn’t notice the commercials. The first NFL game I attended was at the Cotton Bowl, the first time the Cowboys ever beat the Packers, and they have been my second favorite team since. So it was a bit disappointing to see seven Steelers jerseys at 7:30 Mass in Dallas this morning, but not one for the Packers. I’d like to think that the Packers fans were properly dressed for Mass and so did not stand out…

  3. jflare says:

    ‘Fraid I can’t help on this one. Managing a pizza store often means I’m working during football games; I haven’t seen my Cornhuskers play in two seasons.

    Unless, of course, someone can direct me to where these commercials may be reviewed….

  4. Andrew Mason says:

    I’m surprised that he doesn’t have Groupon’s commercial among the choices, that was one of the worst commercials I’ve seen ever. “People in Tibet are suffering under a brutal regime, but at least I can eat cheaply at my favorite restaurants thanks to Groupon.com.” You have to wonder sometimes what people are thinking.

  5. Jaybirdnbham says:

    I couldn’t participate in the poll, because I was watching the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet instead of football. The commercials there were all related to our furry friends, and were pleasant and amusing. Football? Bleh! I’ll take puppies and kittens any day!

  6. dans0622 says:

    Didn’t pay attention to any of the commercials, except one. That one proved to me that the risk/reward ratio is just not low enough to make watching them a good decision. At least I know that I will never buy sketchers shoes.

  7. ray from mn says:

    That generation surely talks like that but I couldn’t believe what I heard on the Pepsi commercial. And I’m not talking about “sleep with her” line. “I wonder if he wants …?” But being that it came from the same company that had to be pressured to pull the sacrilegious Doritos commercial, it shouldn’t have been a surprise. Millions of families were watching that commercial and probably mostly the kids caught it and you can better believe they are all talking about it at school today.

    Another step downwards into the abyss..

    I don’t drink Pepsi as a rule, but I kinda like Mountain Dew. No more.

  8. JohnE says:

    That Pepsi commercial was crass. There was another one with a group of cars talking to each other (CarFax maybe?) — one car saying something about liking another’s “smooth rod”, and of course the GoDaddy ads. I’m just glad my sons weren’t interested in watching the game. I thought the Superbowl was supposed to be family fare.

  9. Mr Flapatap says:

    I wonder why I have not seen/heard a peep about the worst one for the new Mini. Maybe most people don’t realize the alternate meaning of the word “boot”.

  10. irishgirl says:

    I have no TV, so I can’t vote on the commercials.
    If I did have TV, I would have watched the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet going back and forth with the game.

  11. teaguytom says:

    There were a couple I found crass. Obviously Godaddy, the Teleflora one where he writes ” I love your nice rack.” The worst ones were from our good buddies at Frito/Lay, notorious for the communion commercial. The Doritos commercial where the guy licks the other guys finger, then rips the other guys pants off to smell the Dorito crumbs. Also the Dorito commercial where the lazy guy forgets to feed the fish and water the plant and they die while he eats. So he sprinkles crumbs on them and they come back to life. They grandpa’s ashes fall over so he brings him back from the dead with crumbs on the ashes. Thats really morbid.

  12. Supertradmum says:

    Boycott Pepsico, as one of the biggest givers to Planned Parenthood. However, Coke does not give to PP. Pepsi is not a good company and the ads reveal the rot.

  13. I did not see the commercial that you posted Fr. Z , but did see a couple. I had my remote control set to an old movie channel to flip to when a commercial or halftime came up. The two commercials that I did pay attention to were the Doritos commericals, which I thought were pretty sick. My husband and I just looked at each other and rolled our eyes.

    As far as the halftime show and the pre-game singing…well….it basically stunk IMHO.

  14. SK Bill says:

    I can’t vote because I didn’t watch the game or the commercials. I used the evening to read a good book (“The Godless Delusion”) and to take my wife to dinner. The book is edifying, and there was no crowd and no wait to be seated for dinner during the game. All in all, it was an A+ experience.


  15. Jayna says:

    The only two I thought were funny were the Doritos and VW Star Wars (which I’d already seen on YouTube like three days before the Super Bowl) commercials. And maybe the Budweiser “Tiny Dancer” one. The worst of them all was the Kim Kardashian Sketchers commercial. Let’s not even discuss the half time show. Boooooring.

  16. Dr. Eric says:

    Without going directly to the godaddy.com commercials, I would have to say that the Doritos commercial where the guy was sucking the cheese off the other guy’s fingers and licking it off another man’s pants was the worst one for me.

  17. Andrew Mason says:

    Mr Flapatap:

    I had actually forgotten about the commercial for the Mini Countryman, that one was extremely vulgar. It makes one wonder why they reject a commercial that includes a Scriptural reference but they’ll show the worst kind of vulgarity and disregard for other people.

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