Any readers from Cornwall, Devonshire?

Are there any regular readers here from Cornwall or Devon?

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  1. stbenets says:

    Yes, I studied my undergraduate there, have just left it and am still aware of goings on there, can I help?

  2. Leobloom says:

    I’m currently studying in Cornwall.

    It’s mostly Methodists and Miners down here – the last sort of place one would expect to see asked about on a Traditional Catholic blog – I’m intrigued!

  3. emilyclare says:

    My family home is in Cornwall and I grew up there, although I am now in London.

  4. Sleepyhead says:

    Perhaps Father is involved in the upcoming Priests’ Training Conference at Buckfast Abbey

  5. Cazienza Puellae says:

    I was born and brought up in Devon, but now live abroad.

  6. Gaz says:

    No I’m sorry. Cornwall was 3 generations ago.

  7. chiners says:

    Yes, I live and work just on the Devon side of the border.

  8. Joseph Shaw says:

    Dear Fr Z, the only people who talk about ‘Devonshire’ are wearing bonnets in film adaptations of Jane Austin books. We call it ‘Devon’.

  9. AnnM says:

    On the contrary, Leobloom! How about this beautiful place?
    This is really worth a visit – a very old, mediaeval convent in a gorgeous setting, with a tiny, exquisite chapel which offers the Extraordinary Form Mass (TLM) every Sunday. Also fascinating links with the Cornish martyr St Cuthbert Mayne.

  10. Cazienza Puellae says:

    Mr. Shaw, piffle! I call it Devon and Devonshire in equal measure.

  11. pseudomodo says:

    MMmmmmmm….. Cornish Pasties….

    MMmmmmmm….. Devon Cream…

    MMnnnnnnnnn….. A pint of Ale at the Logan Rock Inn in Treen…

  12. Sword40 says:

    My grand parents were from Calstock. Also have ancestors from Mevagissey and St. Austell. And yes, they were miners and Methodist (although married in the church of England.) I converted to the Catholic church. I had to bring some sense of responsibility to the family.

  13. nowsouthwest says:

    I’m an Anglican priest living in Cornwall who regularly reads this blog.

  14. Leobloom says:

    AnnM – I’ve wanted to go to Lanherne ever since I moved down here – unfortunately being a poor student I’m pretty much confined to one place thanks to the strange, expensive meanderings of rural public transport!

    It really is the most beautiful place, though, and with a much more ‘human’ pace of life than the city – what’s more, as pseudomodo said, the food is wonderful, and the pubs are fantastic; in fact, I think I may never leave now!

    Buckfast is in Devon (which is not nearly so good – not to mention deficient in manners of scone ettiquette :P) but still completely wonderful – I was there for a few days last year and it’s a beautiful, peaceful place – quite traditional, liturgically, although the conventual mass is concelebrated despite the half a dozen side altars that seem to be begging to have a dawn private Mass said at them! Latin is used for Vespers and Compline (which is sung in darkness, followed by a Memorare and an aspersion from the Abbot in the candlelit Lady chapel) , as well as for the Ordinary chants of the mass and perhaps the Introit, as well, if I remember rightly – all they lack is the Latin Canon for top ‘reform of the reform’ marks. The monks are wonderfully friendly, too, and profoundly holy, although their ranks seem to be greying and thinning somewhat, unfortunately – I pray they’ll be blessed with vocations !

  15. mibethda says:

    Lorna Doone?

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