FOLLOW UP: REVIEW of iPhone app for help with confession

You have seen, perhaps, my review of the new iPhone app for helping you make a good confession.

I made some observations and some others are chiming in as well.  Good discussion.   The post was mentioned on Reuters and some other places.

One of the developers posted this comment in the combox below that entry:

Fr. Z,
I just want to give you an update. I have submitted an update to the app (apple still has not reviewed it yet, so you won’t see it yet). I couldn’t implement all of the changes you suggested yet because some of them will require changes to the database structure and logic, but we will get them implemented. In response to Fr. Lombardi’s comments, I added a bit of text to the first page of the confession page on the bottom:
“This app is intended to be used during the Sacrament of Penance with a Catholic priest only. This is not a substitute for a valid confession.”
I reviewed the text with our parish priest before submitting the update. I’ve seen a few of the other comments on here and I’ll reply when I get a chance. Thanks for helping us to make this app better.

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