Lent is around the corner – start planning

This upcoming Sunday is already Septuagesima. Did you realize that Lent begins on 9 March?

Do you have a plan for your Lent?

Here is a suggestion for part of your Lenten preparation.

The second volume of the Holy Father’s work Jesus of Nazareth will be released worldwide for Lent 2011, with a date of 10 March.

This volume will focus on the period the Lord’s life from the entrance into Jerusalem to His resurrection. In other words – Holy Week.  The Holy Father’s book would help you prepare well for your participation in the liturgical Holy Week worship.

I am reading a preview copy sent by the publisher.  It won’t disappoint.

The second volume may be “pre-ordered” at a reduced price through amazon.com. Click HERE.

Directly from Ignatius Press (without amazon) for US buyers HERE.

The first volume is HERE.

In the first volume the Holy Father’s exposition of the problems with an unbalanced “historical-critical” approach to Scriptures masterful and invaluable. Also, he has a succinct explanation of how we are to understand “inspiration” and Scripture. His reflections on the temptations of the Lord was rich.

I suggest that these would be good gifts to priests, useful for their preaching. Both volumes would be useful for your Lenten reflections.

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  1. Mike says:

    How does the publication of Volume II compare with the hardcover edition of Volume I? I know that the new one will not be published by Doubleday, so I was wondering if Ignatius would produce a similar hardcover edition for Volume II.

  2. Ignatius Press is publishing Volume II in hardcover, and it promises to be fantastic as always!

  3. JKnott says:

    It is also available on Kindle

  4. Cazienza Puellae says:

    The group “Catholic Readers” on Goodreads is in the process of choosing a book to read together throughout Lent this year. The poll ends on Sunday (hehe) and then we’ve got two and a half weeks to get our copies of whichever book is chosen.

    Personally, I can’t wait for Septuagesima! Because then it’s nearly Lent and that means getting ready for Easter. It’s my favourite time of year. Dv, this will be the first year that I can live this with the Tridentine liturgy, with all its riches, as my regular Sunday liturgy. I’m looking forward to it.

  5. AnAmericanMother says:

    Already pre-ordered months ago, as soon as it came up on Amazon.

    Can’t wait.

  6. pkenny says:

    I HIGHLY recommend the Life of Fr William Doyle SJ by Professor Alfred O’Rahilly as superb spiritual reading for Lent. It is a fascinating book which chronicles the life and spiritual development of an Irish Jesuit and martyr of charity who died as a military chaplain in World War 1. The book has been translated into numerous European languages and has been praised by many, including St Josemaria Escriva. Anyone with an interest in traditional Jesuit spirituality will love it. The author, Alfred O’Rahilly, was a remarkable man himself – a former Jesuit seminarian and personal friend of Fr Doyle, politician, University President and Professor who was an expert in Catholic spirituality and who became a Holy Ghost priest after the death of his wife. The book also places heavy emphasis on topics relating to mortification and reparation, good themes for Lent.

    The book has been out of print for a while but is now available again. You may read more about it here, and also find a link to where copies of the book can be purchased.

    Father Z: I would be happy to send a copy to you as a special Lenten present if you wish…

  7. Random Friar says:

    I, for one, am glad that Lent is starting so late this year. Gives us a little time to recover, so we can plunge deeper into the Lenten mystery.

  8. Geoffrey says:

    “I, for one, am glad that Lent is starting so late this year. Gives us a little time to recover, so we can plunge deeper into the Lenten mystery.”

    Amen to that! I recall a year or two ago when Candlemas was on Monday and that Wednesday was Ash Wednesday. It was a little jarring taking down the creche the day before Ash Wednesday!

  9. Joseph-Mary says:

    The Holy Father’s book has been pre-ordered.

    This Lent will also see the spring campaign for the 40 DAYS FOR LIFE; I hope many readers will be participating in this national effort, now expanded to 246 cities. We will be conducting our first campaign in my city. Pray and fast for the protection of the unborn and stand in public witness as well!

  10. Ellen says:

    I’m going to a conference tonight on the Four Last Things to help me prepare for Lent. It’s being given by Father Wade Menezes.

  11. Tradster says:

    I’m looking forward to Volume 2, as well. it will be a great Lenten read.
    Two other suggestions I highly recommend for Lent:
    – Life of Christ by Bishop Fulton Sheen
    – 2007 Lenten Mission talks (Four Last Things) by Father Isaac Mary Relyea at http://www.audiosancto.org/categories/lenten-missions.php

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