PODCAzT 117: What the Catholic Church really says about same-sex unions

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After the release of that iTune app/tool to help people examine their consciences and, hopefully, make a better sacramental confession, there was a bit of hollering on the part of homosexual activists that the app was going to promote anti-homosexual bias and that homosexuals should be bale to marry and the app would poison people’s minds… blah blah blah.

I pointed out in my review that the app clearly identified homosexual actions as sinful.

I got some hate-mail because of my support of that app and because of my statements, in keeping with the Church’s teaching and with right reason, that homosexual actions were disordered and sinful.

I decided today, after reading something especially ridiculous, to share with you listeners the 2003 document of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith entitled

Considerations regarding proposals to give legal recognition to unions between homosexual persons.

It was signed by then-Cardinal Ratzinger and it was ordered published by soon-to-be Blessed John Paul II.

The document is addressed to bishops so that bishops can write statements tailored to their regions. It argues from reason, as well as from Scripture, tradition and the Church’s documents.  It explains clearly why unions between homosexuals aren’t marriage, aren’t like, marriage, can never be, and must never be legally recognized as such.  Homosexual actions are sinful and the shift from tolerance of homosexuality to its legitimization tears at the bonds of society.

Everyone should know about this document and should review its contents.  It not only provides some arguments for your discussions, but it tells Catholics in particular how to address the controversy.  There is a specific section in Catholic Politicians and how they must approach legislation proposing recognition of same-sex unions when it comes up or where it exists as law.

These Considerations from the CDF can help voters evaluate candidates for office.

This is a very useful document friends.  Bishops need to know it.  Priests should keep it in mind when preaching.  Voters should take it to heart when considering the controversies of our day.

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