PODCAzT 118: Benedict XVI’s Message for Lent; Fr. Z on love and on Peter

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Pope Benedict’s XVI’s Message for Lent 2011 is available.  We will hear the whole message.

Lent is coming fast!  Have you made plans?

The Holy Father offers messages of this kind to help us make a better use of our Lenten preparation before Easter.

In this message, he looks at the structure of Lent through the Gospels of the Sundays.  His focus is on our baptismal character.  We who are already baptized can make use of the experience of catechumens to reaffirm the great gift of baptism.

Especially useful is Pope Benedict’s brief explanation of the use of fasting, prayer and almsgiving.

Also, I digress for a bit about the Cathedra of Peter, since today is the Feast of the Chair of Peter, and about love and our lives and our judgment.

OLDIE PODCAzT of relevance:

050 08-02-22 St. Leo the Great on Peter; Fr. Lang on the Cathedra of Peter

Also, here is another suggestion for your Lenten preparation.

Jesus of Nazareth, Vol. II: the second volume of the Holy Father’s work Jesus of Nazareth will be released worldwide for Lent 2011, with a date of 10 March (the day after Ash Wednesday).

This volume will focus on the period the Lord’s life from the entrance into Jerusalem to His resurrection. In other words – Holy Week. The Holy Father’s book would help you prepare well for your participation in the liturgical Holy Week worship.

I am reading a preview copy sent by the publisher. It won’t disappoint.

In the first volume the Holy Father’s exposition of the problems with an unbalanced “historical-critical” approach to Scriptures masterful and invaluable. Also, he has a succinct explanation of how we are to understand “inspiration” and Scripture. His reflections on the temptations of the Lord was rich.

I suggest that these would be good gifts to priests, useful for their preaching. Both volumes would be useful for your Lenten reflections.

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  1. Thanks Fr – I love your podcazts!

  2. wmeyer says:

    And unlike some publishers, Ignatius Press is going with the base price on the Kindle edition! ;)

  3. AngelineOH says:

    Thank you for the podcazt. This is an excellent start to my Lenten preparations. God bless you, and God bless and keep the Holy Father.

  4. Rosevean says:

    Hello, firstly, thanks for this blog Fr Z, it’s really a lot of help to me. For my edifying first post I’d like to ask if anyone else finds that this podcaZt will play in iTunes but not on an actual iPod? Thanks

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