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  1. I had a delightful time in the UK, meeting Fr. Tim Finigan and the staff at the Maryvale Institute, among others.

    P.S. Anyone considering walking Hadrian’s Wall: go from the east to the west.

  2. frleo says:

    I’m going to Billings to meet with a young man who wants to apply to be a seminarian for our diocese :) We have 3 new guys who are finalizing paperwork to start the seminary this fall.

  3. APX says:

    For the first time in almost 10 years, I’m attending the first Catholic wedding that’s actually in a Catholic Church this weekend, and there is a strong possibility it could be a Nuptial Mass too. I haven’t been to a Nuptial Mass in almost 20 years.

  4. s i says:

    A distant relative will be ordained to the priesthood on June 11th.

  5. Frank H says:

    We had a terrifically busy, happy holiday weekend: Friday – oldest son commissioned a Lieutenant in the Navy and graduated from medical school. Also Friday, youngest son graduated from high school. Saturday – youngest son awarded Eagle Scout rank at Court of Honor. Sunday – newest grandson baptized. Monday – attended the first Mass (Extraordinary Form Requiem) of newly ordained Priest, a friend and high school class mate of my second oldest son the seminarian (four years to go for him!) Exhausted but so proud of what our three sons (and one daughter – a high school religion teacher) are accomplishing!

  6. introibo says:

    Number 2 son received his First Holy Communion (TLM, of course) this weekend..all went well and we had beautiful weather and a great party afterward with family and friends.

  7. jaykay says:

    Making final preparations for taking part in the annual Chartres pilgrimage, starting from Notre Dame on Saturday 11th June. Unfortunately, from the long-range forecast, the weather looks set to be very mixed, with perhaps a thunderstorm even! Then again, what’s a bit of rain… I’m from Ireland, after all :)

  8. Rose in NE says:

    Our son graduated from high school this past Saturday. After the ceremony, as we were waiting to find him in the crowd of 567 grads and their families, we were astonished to see him walking with our pastor! We had sent Father an announcement, but did not know he was actually coming to the graduation. Our son had the biggest grin on his face! It meant so much to him that Father would take time out of his busy schedule to come. Our son already has plans to apply to the FSSP seminary after college, but with the kind of support and encouragement he gets from our wonderful FSSP priests, I wonder if he’ll make it through college before he decides to enter!

  9. Melody Faith says:

    Pregnant with twins! We should find out in the next couple of weeks what sex(es) they are. I am seriously considering saints names that go together… Felicity & Perpetua, Benedict & Scholastica, Peter & Paul, etc. Now I have to figure out how to convince the hubby what a great idea that is :)

  10. Banjo pickin girl says:

    Back at work after a week off, they missed me! I had to cancel my vacation trip for a retreat at the archabbey because of the pain in my legs and back but I enjoyed sitting around at home. A friend fixed up my garden so it will be permanently weed free and I have a line on somebody to do housework for me. I got lots of people out of purgatory too. I stopped taking the medication to see if I can just put up with it. I am happy, (for the moment).

  11. Allan S. says:

    Brand new meds are working, and although latest imaging report identifies enlarged lymph nodes, it concludes that there is “no evidence of recurrence or new disease….”

  12. irishgirl says:

    There will be a new priest ordained in our diocese this coming Saturday! I won’t be able to go to it, however. I met him in 2009 and in 2010 when he came several times to our Adoration Chapel. He’s from a very blessed family: one sister in the Nashville Dominicans, and two brothers behind him in seminary.
    I also ran into someone at the Adoration Chapel this morning who is going to get me a ticket to hear Michael Voris speak locally next month! I met this guy a few weeks ago at a ‘Day With Mary’, which is put on by the Franciscans of the Immaculate. He told me that Michael was coming to speak and he would get me a ticket. I don’t have a phone so that he could contact me, and so I was lucky to see this gentleman today!

  13. Solemn Vespers this evening for the Feast of the Queenship of Mary according to the 1961 Breviary chanted (except the priest’s parts) by our little schola.

  14. St. Peter Canisius says:

    I became Catholic on April 23, 2011. That’s glorious news ! Our Church is beyond magnificent.

    Riley Kinney

  15. JoAnna says:

    On the 29th, my husband and I celebrated the eight-year anniversary of our Catholic confirmation (we are converts from the ELCA); I was happy it fell on a Sunday so we could celebrate by attending Mass. The day before (the 28th), we celebrated the sixth anniversary of our oldest daughter’s baptism. Deo gratias!

  16. wanda says:

    Melody Faith, Congratulations on your baby twins! Prayers for your health and theirs. If I may add to your saints names, Nunlio and Alodia. Little girls martyered for their Christian faith. Fr. Z. has posted about them several times.

    Blessings to all receiving sacraments and graduating. Thanks be to God, especially to those entering seminary or discerning! The church has need of all of you!

  17. benedetta says:

    Intense yellow iris pseudacoris (planted by the previous owner) are graciously blooming this week here and there.

  18. Aka Numilona, Nunillona, Nunilla, etc. ; and Elodie and a zillion other spellings….

  19. Four new priests in my diocese, and I received a first blessing.

  20. EWTN Rocks says:

    Not sure it’s good news but my brother is moving in with me today. Movers will be here in 40 minutes and I’m not ready! Got to unplug gadgets and move things around. Should be interesting…

  21. the_ox says:

    Mastered my barbecue rib recipe yesterday. Cut the grass with new mower blades. Mended a suffering relationship with a friend/associate over a ball-game. Turned down several invites to spend a weekend alone with the family.

  22. Benedict says:

    Next year the Dominican Province of St. Joseph will have over over 65 friars in formation between the Dominican House of Studies in Washington DC & our novitiate in Cincinnati. The Lord has been good! We also will start to train our friars how to celebrate the Dominican Rite this summer, starting in the novitiate. http://orderofpreachersvocations.blogspot.com/

  23. rroan says:

    I just learned that St. Mark’s Church in Plano, TX, will be offering an OF Latin mass every monday night, beginning on the Feast of St. Anthony of Padua, June 13. It is a small step (brick by brick) but given the historical atmosphere in the Diocese of Dallas, this is very big deal.

    St. Anthony, intercede to help us recover the “lost” sense of beauty and mystery in our liturgy!

  24. GirlCanChant says:

    I’m auditioning for a choir tonight after over a year of not singing. I’m so excited!

    *goes back to work*

  25. ladykathryn says:

    Drove 1700 miles (round trip) this weekend to make a visit to our daughter, a Carmelite novice. She is happy and healthy. She is hoping to make her first temporary vows this fall. This week, our youngest daughter will graduate from our homeschool high school program. now what does this mom do after “retiring” from homeschooling?

  26. Jenice says:

    Jeffrey Pinyan,

    My husband the Latin scholar and lover of all things Roman is curious: Why do you advise walking Hadrian’s Wall from east to west?


  27. Paulo says:

    My son Nicolas turns 5 today, and we are going out for a “guys night out” at a pizza place nearby; and I hope to have even better news tomorrow, when the Vancouver Canucks start to slowly pound the Boston Bruins…

  28. Ignatius says:

    My wife and I are starting -together with other volunteers- a “Natural Family Planning help point” (for lack of better name) at a parish in an impoverished area of the Greater Buenos Aires. Our aim is to give witness of our faith and help people see through the lies -and avoid the effects- of officially sanctioned and funded contraceptive programs based on RU 486 and IUDs… Please pray for the success of this and also for the pastor of the parish, Fr. Sergio, a solid and orthodox priest in charge of an extremely difficult task as parish priest there (coupled with a hostile and unsupportive bishop…).

  29. irishgirl says:

    Paulo-I’m rooting for the Canucks to get Lord Stanley’s Cup! About time it came back to Canada!
    And I’m from the US!

  30. NoraLee9 says:

    Sponsored a friend’s daughter at the SSPX confirmations in Ridgefield, CT. Saw friends who now live in the Syracuse area, that I hadn’t seen since 2008. Listened to Bp Tissier De Mallorais (sp?) briefly discuss the frustrated talks with Rome. BBQed three nights in a row, in some of the most brilliant Memorial Day weather in history. Attended Mass (EF) at St. Agnes, where my husband is an altar server. Sat in the front row with my 14-year-old daughter and her friend. Had lunch with three other altar servers, one of whom is off to Cincy for the OP Novitiate in July. (Thanks for the OP link up top, I suspect it will assist in tracking my friend’s progress). Took two widows to lunch yesterday, and spent most of the rest of the day building my village on Caesar IV. G-d is good.

  31. lucy says:

    This past Memorial Day weekend saw both our 18th wedding anniversary and also our eldest daughter’s 14th birthday. A great weekend !!

  32. MJ says:

    The holiday weekend was great – had a lovely visit with the family along with a delicious burger/hot-dog cook-out, complete with a homemade strawberry-banana fresh fruit smoothie for dessert. Mmmm. :)

    Prayers are also requested for a special intention…

  33. xgenerationcatholic says:

    Just returned from Italy. I had a great, great time on my trip! It wasn’t my intention, but somehow I wound up being in the Maria Ausiliatrice basilica for the feast day. I didn’t even know it was the feast day! And I got a few minutes alone with Don Bosco. :) And I visited Pier Giorgio Frassatti’s tomb as well, and lots beautiful churches. Heard a cuckoo bird. And the plane ride from Turin to Paris is to die for! I think I saw Chartres Cathedral from the air.

  34. Karen Russell says:

    Last week my daughter graduated from university with her B.Sc.

    She did the co-op program, which added three work terms to the usual duration. Then she got married. Then she had a baby. Then she had another baby (both beautiful, healthy little boys). But FINALLY, she has finished the degree!

    P.S. She’s pregnant again, so in December I’ll have a 3rd grandchild! Deo gratias!

  35. Schiavona says:

    Four days until Pope Benedict arrives to my neck of the woods! I have my ticket for the big outdoor mass and will watch the rest on TV.

    Plenty of hopes for the visit: 1) that our bishops will be told to curb their nationalistic overtones (I still remember the shock and horror on many faces in the huge crowd when Bl. John Paul II on his first visit in 1994 urged for peace and friendship in the Balkans); 2) that the society, especially the youth, will hear the message of life (currently we have 1.43 fertility rate, and in the previous few years it was even lower); 3) that the bits of chant and some Latin and Old Church Slavonic included in the liturgy will be noticeable enough to make an impression on our happy-clappy liturgists. Well, those are not exactly news, not yet, but one can hope.

  36. Sid says:

    In North Carolina two new priests are to be ordained this coming Saturday, one in each of the two dioceses, who are friends of the MEF. One of them is offering a Solemn High Mass this coming Sunday, at the Cathedral in Raleigh, 4:30pm.

    And we have three scheduled MEFs for Ascension Thursday in North Carolina: in Dunn at 9am, in Lincolnton at 12noon, and a Missa cantata at St. Ann, Charlotte, 7pm.

  37. Domus1967 says:

    I’m now 6 weeks post back surgery and all of my pain is gone. I feel great for the 1st time in 4 years!

  38. MaryW says:

    My son and his family are coming to visit for a few days. Expecting them anytime now. My delightful grandchildren are ages 2 and 4.

  39. rakesvines says:

    1.) We have a 6:30 am Mass that I will try to attend as often as I can, now that the weather is warming up. Thank God I do not have to hide to receive the Eucharist unlike in the Middle East.
    2.) The Saturday Confession has become a habit that my kids 11,9 & 7 go to it without prodding. Afterwards, we go out to a family celebration – in the spirit of the return of the prodigal son.
    3.) My 3 month old daughter will be Baptised soon.
    4.) Memorial day at Arlington was nice. I love the inscription at the tomb of the unknowns. See pics at my blogsite.

  40. rssalazar says:

    This past Saturday, 18 deacons were ordained to the holy priesthood for the Archdiocese of Newark at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark, NJ – my home diocese. I think the archdiocese leads the nation in ordinations to the priesthood. Archbishop Myers is a good man but some of his underlings are resistant to the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. For instance, the seminarians at Seton Hall University had a weekly Low Mass in the University Chapel but it was discontinued. The reason given, at least the official version, was there are no priests at the seminary who knew how to celebrate the Mass in the EF. Really now! I know for a fact, there a priests in the archdiocese who celebrate the EF with frequency but I digress.
    More good news! Michael Voris is speaking in November at a parish in the archdiocese and no one has complained, at least not yet.

  41. Ike from Sweden says:

    The oral part of my Mandarin exam went very well (written coming up on the Wednesday of next week, prayers please!). Also, my Mom (who is suffering from cancer, prayers please!) probably won’t need to be hospitalized this summer. Thirdly, if everything goes well, I will be moving to Gothenburg this fall to study more Mandarin AND hopefully convert to Catholicism soon (prayers, please!). God bless all of you!

  42. Philangelus says:

    The publisher of my first novel is going to revert the print rights back to me, meaning I might be able to get it back in print again with a different publisher! :-)

  43. catholictigerfan says:

    made deans list at the university I attend and I am in the middle of applying for seminary for the fall semester.

  44. luna.shiawase says:

    I’m getting ready to apply to the ITI for the coming year (not this fall, but the next). I wrote the head of admissions an email and he replied and it made me do a really crazy happy dance (jazz hands were involved). I want to get an STM and then try to go to the North American college in Rome to teach.

  45. Our seminarian/deacon got ordained last week, and we had one of his first Masses at our parish on Saturday night. It was a pretty joyful occasion, and he did a good job chanting the Mass.

  46. kford says:

    Our oldest graduated high school last weekend, is currently visiting our dear priest friend who is a military chaplain in Europe, and will in a matter of days enter a well known and respected religious order. This is all wonderful and blessed stuff, but it comes with the mixed emotions of watching your kids grow up and move away forever. Pray for families of vocations. I am starting to see firsthand the sacrifices they make as well.

  47. Cristero says:

    Got to visit good friends and my Goddaughter across the country last week!

  48. authorwoman says:

    I met with the publisher of my first book and he approved the proposal I submitted for my second book! While awaiting the formal agreement, I am researching and writing!

  49. colospgs says:

    Last school year my prayers were answered when my company got a janitorial contract for a school’s three campuses. Recently they all re-signed us for the 2011-2012 school year, with a little summertime work thrown in for good measure.

  50. Biedrik says:

    Today I began work helping out my pastor with renovating the rectory. So far all is going smoothly! Also, I have almost finished book Church Fathers, which is a collection of the Pope’s Wednesday audiences about the different Fathers. Great stuff!

  51. templariidvm says:

    My wife’s 99&1/2 year old grandmother is feeling better again, after being quite ill. Her spirits are returning.

  52. j says:

    Fantastic news!!!

    In Boston, His Eminence Cardinal Seán O’Malley, OFM Cap, will administer the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite at Holy Cross Cathedral, 75 Union Park St., Boston, on Saturday, June 4, 2011, at 1:00 PM.

    His Eminence was ordained to the Priesthood in 1970. It is our belief that this is the first time the Cardinal has celebrated any Sacrament in the Extraordinary Form.

    Fr. Raymond Van de Moortell, pastor of St. Adelaide Parish in Peabody, and professor of homiletics and philosophy at St. John’s Seminary, will celebrate Solemn Mass in the Presence of a Greater Prelate.

    The Cathedral, Mary Immaculate of Lourdes, Sacred Heart, St Columbkille and St. Adelaide Parish Latin Mass community will be sending candidates to be Confirmed. Hopefully this will become an annual “rite”.

    Please join us for this historic event.

  53. jpwwhite says:

    Just returned from honeymoon.

    We had a wonderful wedding – 120 guests, probably 40 Catholics, 20 practising and a Nuptial Mass. I was worried, I thought a few might struggle with an hour ten, but people loved it. A great liturgy really does make such a difference.

    The honeymoon was fantastic, my wife who has only recently returned to the Church came to daily mass as and when we could find it. The benefits of grace are enormous.

    Two weeks into the honeymoon my wife, who’s in her late thirties, told me to get rid of the pate from the car (we were in France), she was overwhelmed by the smell. She then turned down oysters, a true first. We did a home pregnancy test ten days later and both tests came up positive!!!!! We feel so blessed. Thank you St Gerrard.

    Our GP, after hearing the first day of her last period, said you could have become pregnant before your wedding. The look of surprise on his face when we said “Nup – no chance” was priceless!

  54. James Joseph says:

    My vapid wasteland of a life on Earth is one-day closer to coming to an end… oh yeah… that and I fertillized the fig trees.

  55. JenB says:

    I graduated with honors with my master’s degree. And, I found out that I am pregnant. This will be our third child. :)

  56. ByzCath08 says:

    Our small Byzantine parish has been blessed with several new families and baptism/chrismation/eucharist celebrations over the past 6 months. We also have the pleasure of hosting a young seminarian who will be ordained to the priesthood in two more years.

  57. geoff jones says:

    My wife and her friend (who is devoted to the Divine Will spirituality) made an I-will-if-you-will style pact to wear the mantilla at our Novus Ordo parish. They’ve been doing it for a couple of weeks, and almost immediately a third woman has begun wearing it too.

  58. beez says:

    The praise and thanksgiving to the Blessed Trinity, I and two brothers will be ordained to the transitional diaconate in three days!

  59. Amy Giglio says:

    I will deliver our 4th child by c-section tomorrow afternoon. Prayers appreciated!

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