Lunch: Follow up to 20th Anniv. supper

I made chicken the other night.  I am eating left-overs.

Sandwich from toasted bread with chopped garlic, watercress, goat cheese, chicken.

I found a sweet tooth today.  Chocolate chip cookies in a pale imitation of my mother’s masterpieces.



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  1. ‘I found a sweet tooth today.’

    What’s shocking is that you were able to misplace it in the first place!

  2. Catholicofthule: Truly, I prefer in food the savory to the sweet. But every once in a while, it have a bit of a pang, as today.

  3. Bryan Boyle says:

    A few chocolate chip cookies are always a treat. Unfortunately, I have to be careful with the sugar and the carbs, but even my Dr. says once in a while, you just need to have a few.

    Agree re the savory vs the sweet now. Amazing, though, how long it takes to moderate the sweet tooth…:)

  4. Dr. Sebastianna says:

    But Fatherrrrr, I want the recipe for the chocolate chip cookies : )

    BTW I’d love to send you a batch of my rum chocolate chip biscotti. People love them!!!

  5. EWTN Rocks says:

    Fr. Z,

    The cookies do look good (I actually haven’t eaten anything for a few days, so they look especially good). BTW, I understand what happened concerning the recipe, and I’m fine with what happened. I’ll miss your blog but will get over it. By the way, I bought a ton of books, e.g. Catechism, Catholic Epistles, My Sunday Missal, etc., and not to mention Latin language-learning software that I’ll no longer need, but will drop it all off at my parish library as a gift. Yep, life is a learning experience – thanks for helping me learn another important lesson.

  6. Lioba says:

    Dear Father Z —

    To go along with any leftover cookies, my belated congratulations on your anniversary. Many thanks for all you do on your website.


  7. “Catholicofthule: Truly, I prefer in food the savory to the sweet. But every once in a while, it have a bit of a pang, as today.”

    For a heightened chocolate experience, and anything sweet that doesn’t involve chocolate is usually just a waste of time, try Green and Blacks dark chocolate with a glass of red wine! They compliment each other perfectly. Of course, it’s also nice with coffee, but their dark chocolate, including the flavoured dark (perhaps especially Maya Gold), is just exquisite with red wine. It’s my favourite way to break the lenten abstinences after the Holy Saturday Vigil! :-)

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