Superman comes to his senses

It is a momentous day.  It is the Feast our Our Lady of Fatima, the day of the release of Universae Ecclesiae, the day of the last broadcast of Smallville.

Yes, friends, the young Clark Kent finally becomes Superman.

I was pretty irritated last week when I learned that Superman had, horribile dictu, renounced his American citizenship.  What about “Truth, Justice and the American Way!”?

NO! SUPERMAN!  Say it ain’t so!

I was pretty irritated.

But today I learn that Superman has reaffirmed his love of the United States, while gazing at the flag.

I am not sure who “Livewire” is… probably a bad guy… probably using the his cover as a writer for the Fishwrap to twist people to the dark side and, in their confusion, dismiss abortion as an issue Catholics have to consider when voting.  Not sure.

Though that little bit about “people everywhere”… a little ominous.  And it looks like Superman is advocating illegal immigration. He was an illegal alien I guess.   Yes, this comic image has changed my view of illegal aliens.  Orphans from Krypton can have amnesty if they fight for Truth, Justice and the American Way.  The rest still have to apply for a visa.

I put out the Vatican flag today in honor of Universae Ecclesiae but as soon as I finish here I will put out my American flag too.  I don’t have a Superman flag.  Maybe I can the Superman “S” up as my computer wall paper for the rest of the day.

Then I will open my Veuve Cliquot.

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  1. Tina in Ashburn says:

    DH has been watching Smallville for these last 10 years, waiting for Clark to put on the Superman suit and fly – tonight, perhaps for the end of the series?

  2. Tina: It has to happen. No?

  3. Manrique Zabala de Arizona says:

    Enjoy it, Pater! I’ll get some Spanish wine ;)

  4. Fr. Basil says:

    Ummmmm…. didn’t Kal El cross American borders illegally, and is he not therefore an ILLEGAL alien and not entitled to American citizenship, unless he first goes back to where he came from and applies for a visa?

  5. Geoffrey says:

    How disappointing…

  6. I have a Vatican flag. I don’t have an American flag anymore. I saw a bit once where atheist Tom Baker said that he didn’t leave God but instead he felt like God had left him. This is idiotic of course but my feelings for America are very similar. I have a very hard time getting excited by the 4th of July or hearing Hail to the Chief. When I think of America I don’t so much think of it as the country I happen to have been born in but rather as the country that committed genocide against my ancestors. I think of it as a place there English speakers try to force everyone to speak their language. I think of it as the place where protestants go around burning people then blaming Catholics for it. I think of it as the place where somehow there is this mystical, unwritten, yet somehow found in the constitutional right of a mother to murder her children.

    Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to America, But I do feel like America has left me, doesn’t really want me to be part of it. It doesn’t want my loyalty and I am happy enough to see Christ as my King and not spare America a second thought.

    The funny thing is, I live in a country now where politics makes sense. They argue over spending their money on a bridge to connect two islands or on handout so parents will have more children. In America our two choices are the party that thinks Americans are superior to everyone else, and the party that just wants to kill everyone. You know something is wrong with your country when you have to vote against the party of “kill babies”. That shouldn’t even have to be a choice.

    You could say that America has gone too far. Or if you look at the history, you could say that American was partially rotten from the very founding. I use to wait for the day when America would live up the the Catholic standards of what a good country would be like and just like with waiting for reunion with the “orthodox” I had to realize that it was never going to happen.

  7. EWTN Rocks says:

    Fr. Z, all I can say is that I think you are Superman

  8. jenne says:

    My superman flies home today! Thank you Our Lady of Fatima. I know she interceded for him to end his deployment a couple days early so he can be close to her. Enjoy an extra glass on our behalf.

  9. off2 says:

    One assumes that Superman was possessed of US citizenship (perhaps naturalized?) or he would not be able to renounce same. It’s been so many years since I’ve followed his exploits that I don’t remember if he was “out” about his extra-planetary origins.

  10. off2 says:

    Christ is Risen!

    Quomodocumque, yeah, in the words of an impeached president, “I feel your pain.” But I still fly the American Flag as a tribute to the founders of our once great nation, in commemoration of the high ideals which dictated their actions, and in memory of an uncle and a brother who died for my country. Yes, I gag now-a-days when hearing Hail to the Chief, but I pray for him every day.

    He did not promise us a rose garden, just the hope of salvation. :>)

  11. canon1753 says:

    I suspect Kal El, if he thought about it would have asked for asylum since there was no Krypton to go back to. Then he would be on the road to citizenship.

  12. Peter in Canberra says:

    God save the Queen.

  13. Apparently Kal-El is legally a “foundling” who washed up on our shores, as if from a shipwreck. (In his case, a planet-wreck.) If such foundling children are not claimed by relatives/country within a set number of years (something like three or four) and no origin country for them can be found, they legally gain American citizenship as if native-born. (Which is fair enough, because they might have been American babies washing back up onto the American shore, and because nobody wants to have stateless babies.)

    I guess that the US government doesn’t publicize this provision much… but it’s there.

  14. Randii says:

    Interesting topic.

    Supermanis de-facto an American?

    Well, the “new” Superman was recently announced. To star in 2012’s “The Man of Steel” being done by Snyder with Goyer of Batman fame being the creative force behind this remake.

    In any case British born and bred Henry Cavill is the new Supes/Clark Kent. Even though he is not American I think he is a superb choice and may approach Reeve in the role.

    Diane Lane is Martha Kent and Kevin Costner is Jonathan Kent! Like when has Martha Kent been as “hot” as Lois. It may happen in the new film. WB is lining up a great cast.

    And kudos to Smallville. It enters that rare TV hall of fame of shows that lasted 10 seasons.

    Guess you can tell I’m a big Supes fan and totally stoked about the new film and several fan-made films coming out in the next few months.

    WB is casting soem serious actors and I am really excited about the film. Even though Supes isn’t American in it – technically anyway.

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