Terry Hatty with Marcus Grodi

Many elements of this man’s journey cross with my own.

I once had a Guild.  I still have a 6 string Bozo Bell.  My case has stickers from many countries.

Would it surprise you that I busked through Europe for months?

I still have my 12, but someone stole my Asturias, may his soul fry in the deep cinders of hell… unless it helped to save his (pernicious thieving) soul.

Once I had some real game with the wood and metal.  I maintained a long thumbnail for a long while and still understand superglue.


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  1. ray from mn says:

    I watched tonight, too. I never was into popular music, but during my 23 pagan years, between 18 and 41, I spent much of the time investigating New Age “programs.” One of them, “est” brought me back to the Catholicism of my infant baptism and 12 years of parochial education. It took me yet another 20 years to break free from Vatican Two spirituality. Jesus is persistent. Thank you, Jesus. Stay with me! Because I still have a long way to go on my Spiritual Journey.

  2. Schiavona says:

    Not surprised you busked through Europe. The same talents make your blog successful.

    I’m grateful EWTN makes JH available on YouTube. I used to listen to audio versions, but seeing people as they speak is helpful.

  3. tperegrinus says:

    Father, superglue on the nails of the right hand, or a home-made left-hand fingerpad “transplant” using superglue and your right forearm like Stevie Ray Vaughan (may his soul…which I think was slowly converting, rest in peace).

  4. Tony Layne says:

    Never used superglue, but I definitely had calluses. Finally upgraded from cheap department-store guitars to a 1989 blondwood Fender American Standard Stratocaster … and had to sell it a year or so later for rent money. (It’s okay, though … my first love was always my now-departed Ensoniq VFX-SD sequencer/synthesizer, recently replaced by a Korg M50. Alas, though, the calluses are long gone.)

  5. EWTN Rocks says:

    Fr. Z, thank you for posting the EWTN Coming Home episode with Terry Hatty. Although he is from a generation ahead of me, I could relate to many elements of his journey home. There is nothing like having your life crash down around you to gain perspective, and some times keeping perspective is just as difficult. While some things won’t change for me, I feel like I’m back on the right path. Ray from MN, you said it best, “Thank you, Jesus. Stay with me! Because I still have a long way to go on my Spiritual Journey.”

    By the way, I couldn’t recall popular songs by the Guess Who (from the 60s?) and did a quick search. As it turns out, I do remember one “American Woman.” I believe my brother had that song on a 45. EWTN does rock doesn’t it?!

  6. AnAmericanMother says:

    Husband is an old rocker, more recently into classical. He has a nice little Cordoba, one of the last of the solid-wood body 75s. His rock guitar is either a Strat or a Tele, depending on what he’s playing (he subs in a friend’s jazz band when the manager wants them to play a rock set). He does keep his nails long on his right hand and, yes, superglue is our friend.
    I play fingerstyle on either a Martin D-35 or a pre-fire Mossman . . . mostly “old” country (from the early Victrola era). Mostly just as an accompaniment to singing – not much of a guitarist. Hubby is the one with the chops.

  7. Mike says:


    He’s come a long way. Yet his interview reminds me that as I came of age in the mid-70s, there was, humanly speaking, perhaps more going on the radio than in the music of my local parish.

  8. EWTN Rocks says:

    Wow, Mike, thanks for posting the link to the Guess Who singing “American Woman.” I thought I remembered liking the song, but I can’t say I care much for the lyrics now. I did have a flashback listening to the song. It reminded me of walking through the Haight-Ashbury area of S.F. in the late 1960s, clinging on to my dad’s hand. That really was a time of “sex, drugs, and rock and roll.”

    Yep, a lot was going on in the 60s and 70s…I wonder how many Catholics left the church during this era?

  9. Mike says:

    Sure thing.

    You were at ground-zero, for sure. I was simply in the Boston suburbs, guitar-playing nuns zinging me for liking capitalism. In sixth grade.

  10. Jouney Home–The Musical? Good show. Looks like Terry was in the Guess Who after Bachman and Burton Cummings left. I still psyched that Terry mentioned Yes! After all…
    (Warning: it is the Onion…You never know.)
    I have a Strat, a Taylor 410 and a generic bass. Still learning.

  11. Patti Day says:

    Marcus Grodi’s Journey Home has been such an inspiration for me. I try not to miss the original showing on EWTN, Monday nights at 8:00 (Eastern). It encores on Saturday nights at 11:00 PM. Marcus also has a program titled ‘Deep in Scripture’, which airs on EWTN Radio on Wednesday at 2:00 PM, which I can access on the internet. No local FM station offers Catholic radio in my state. Disclaimere: I do not work for EWTN, but I thank God for it.

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