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Worth a thousand “spirits of Vatican II”

From the blog Musings of a Pertinacious Papist comes an interesting observation in the form of a photograph. Here is an example of the changes that were to be made to the sanctuary of a church in conformity with the … Read More

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The Feeder Feed: death edition

I haven’t seen “Ray” the Cardinal for a while.  He is usually in and out chomping on the saffron and sunflower. I was out for a walk earlier and found a dead male Cardinal. I suspect it was “Ray”. We … Read More

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Of Fr. Corapi and Casey Anthony

My maibox is filling with unrelated requests for my reaction to two things.  First, what about, I am asked, the additional news about Fr. John Corapi?  Second, did I watch the verdict in the trail of Casey Anthony? I have … Read More

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Suffer the little ones to learn Gregorian chant and Latin

Liturgical liberals usually run down the intelligence of people in the pews, saying among other things that Joe and Mary Catholic will not be able to understand the new, corrected translation, or quod Deus avertat, LATIN. “It’s toooo haaard!“, they … Read More

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Cong. for Clergy issues a guide for confessors, with examination of conscience

The Congregation for Clergy issued a guide for confessors entitled The Priest, Minister of Divine Mercy – An Aid for Confessors and Spiritual Directors. I have read through this once and will eventually comment on it more. I invite priests … Read More

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In SSPX news today…

First, we learn that SSPX Bp. Williamson, convicted in absentia in a German court for denying the WWII “Holocaust” (a crime in Germany), has appealed his conviction and fine of €10,000. Next, we learn that the Holy See’s spokesman, Fr. … Read More

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A priest defends true marriage against the promoters of contrary-to-nature unions

I picked up from the excellent blog The Sensible Bond, authored by a gent in England.  The video is about a priest in El Paso.   The blogosphere is amazing. Fr. Michael Rodriguez spoke at a City Council Meeting about … Read More

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