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An afternoon refreshment break

I have had a few lousy days, with hot and grubby work involving dust, sweat, lots of lifting and hauling, spiders and a few dead things I would rather not remember, missing one deadline and barely making another.  This afternoon … Read More

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Gnothi seauton

γνῶθι σεαυτόν! Artist… know thyself. It could be that this is actually a commentary on the quality of most modern art.

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Notitiae Responses online

My friend Jeffrey Tucker at The Chant Cafe has found something interesting.  There is an online database of responses given by the Holy See in Notitiae. Here’s Mr. Tucker: Steven van Roode drew my attention to a wonderful online database … Read More

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QUAERITUR: The number of altar steps and validity of Mass.

From a reader: A few years ago some modifications were made at our church including raising the floor level of the sanctuary. As a consequence the three steps that used to lead up to the high altar are now just … Read More

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Capital suggestions of minuscule importance

From a reader: I have noticed that when you cite documents you are inconsistent with how the titles are written.  For example, you wrote “Lumen gentium” with a small g, but “Redemptionis Sacramentum”.  What gives?  Typos?  You also stick superfluous … Read More

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Booz and the Reapers are also with you!

More than once I have written about the origin and meaning of Dominus vobiscum and the response Et cum spiritu tuo and the new, corrected translation.   In my explanations I have written about a Biblical locus for consideration of … Read More

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QUAERITUR: “our sacrifice” and “my sacrifice and yours”

From a reader, edited: I sometimes wonder about the part of the prayer of the priest at Mass which goes “Pray, Brethren, that our sacrifice will be acceptable to the Lord our God.” And to which the people respond (I … Read More

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Editions of the new, corrected Roman Missal – UPDATED & CORRECTED

Msgr. James Moroney on his blog Dignum et iustum has put together a handy page indicating the editions of the Roman Missal with the new, corrected ICEL translation.  These are the editions in the USA.  The UK editions are not … Read More

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