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“Ineffable” sighting!

I have not seen yet a copy of the YouCat, the catechism prepared for young people.  That said, I was amused by an excerpt, a paragraph from the same, a reader sent today: 183. Why is there music at liturgies, and … Read More

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Bill Donohue on liberal elite scolding of bishops over contrary-to-nature unions.

There is a good commentary by Bill Donohue of the Catholic League on the liberal commentary aimed at the US Catholic Bishops over contrary-to-nature unions and legislation to promote them. Here is Mr. Donohue with my emphases and comments: Responding … Read More

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Really cool nun video

Here is a great video which I pick up from the best Catholic weekly in the UK, The Catholic Herald. What a delightful lady. Keep your ears tuned for what she says is her constant prayer. [wp_youtube]fLzIr16FZPA[/wp_youtube]

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QUAERITUR: Hymns at Low Mass (Extraordinary Form)

I am focused on a myriad of things at the moment, and so I will open this to the readership to obtain sound and documented answers to this priest’s questions about the Extraordinary Form. Note that there are two issues. … Read More

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