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What does the gowk really say?

A scene from The Fortune of War (6th in the series), which includes the wonderful word “gowk”. At this time our friends Capt. Aubrey, Dr. Maturin and some of the crew from HMS Leopard are on their way back to … Read More

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The live dog or the dead lion? About the saints, our prayers, and their intercession.

I just finished writing a column for The Wanderer.  In this week’s burnt offering I was looking at the intercessions made after the consecration during the 3rd Eucharistic Prayer.  Here is something of what I wrote: There is one mediator … Read More

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What is your good news?

Folks, I am in need of some good news.  Do you have any for me and for the other readers?


The Tablet equates striking the breast during the Confiteor with child abuse.

At The Tablet aka The Bitter Pill, there is a piece by one Melanie Lately, a guest contributor, which deserves our attention – and not because of its excellence. Commentators in the combox over there have dealt with the obvious … Read More

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WDTPRS POLL: The 2nd Confiteor

Here is a WDTPRS POLL meant to compliment a post over at Rorate, where readers have been asked about the 2nd Confiteor during the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. This poll is not meant to elicit opinions about whether … Read More

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