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An observation about priests and Mass when they travel

The great P.P. of Brighton, Fr. Ray Blake, has an observation on his blog.  This probably will not surprise you too much. I am delighted to offer hospitality to any priest. The strange thing is older priests visiting Brighton tend … Read More

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10 Points about prospective priests

I received some points of reflection from a priest friend who is a member of one of the oldest religious families.  I edited two of the points with his permission. 1. Prospective priests (Religious or Diocesan) are not looking primarily … Read More

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QUAERITUR: The arrangement of Stations of the Cross

From a reader: I was wondering if the stations have to be in a certain direction in the church. I was in a church where they were just arranged on a single wall in rows one above the other in … Read More

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Miracle claimed through intercession of Ven. Pius XII

A tip of the biretta   o{]:¬)   to Sancte Pater for this link to an AP story on WaPo‘s site. AP Exclusive: Woman claims miracle by WWII-era pope; backed by connected nun amid doubts By Associated Press, Published: July 3 CASTELLAMMARE … Read More

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Declaration concerning the consecration of bishops without papal mandate… in China

From VIS: DECLARATION CONCERNING EPISCOPAL ORDINATIONS IN CHINA VATICAN CITY, 4 JUL 2011 (VIS) – The Holy See Press Office today released the following English-language communique concerning the episcopal ordination of Fr. Paul Lei Shiyin, which took place on Wednesday … Read More

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The Feeder Feed: Federal Holiday and Sing Along Edition

As a Minnesotan and alum of the University of Minnesota, I have long been a fan of the Golden Gophers. Of course the Golden Gopher is not really a gopher at all, but rather a sort of … and I … Read More

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