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Patriotic Church in China reps met with… ?

Just as the Patriotic (state run) Church in Communist China is planning to consecrate a few more bishops, here, I read at CWN that … Leaders of Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association meets with Brazilian bishops, propose dialogue A delegation from … Read More

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Transit of Venus

I mentioned in a post the transit of the Sun by the Space Shuttle, and in the course of that post the Transit of Venus, which is coming in 2012. No sooner but… the blogosphere is so cool… but I … Read More

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Transit of the Sun

Too bad about the ending of the Space Shuttle program. But on the way back to earth, the Shuttle made a transit of the Sun which was caught on film.  You can see the images at spaceweather.com. Small versions.. but … Read More

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Ed Peters on attack on the Seal of Confession

The Canonical Defender, Prof. Ed Peters, canonist extraordinaire, has on his blog In The Light Of The Law, … A note on proposals to require priests to violate the seal of confession Concerning recent Irish and Australian proposals to require … Read More

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Ireland and the Primacy of Primates

On ZENIT there is an article on Archbp. Martin of Dublin, the sexual abuse scandal, and Church and state relations. In the course of the article Archbp. Martin is called “Primate of Ireland”. “But Father! But Father!”, some will say.  … Read More

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Video interviews with Archbp. Chaput

Thomas Peters posted a couple of youtube videos of a sit down interview with the new Archbishop of Philadelphia Most Rev. Charles Chaput. [wp_youtube]E1tIqBzBlJM[/wp_youtube] [wp_youtube]I2NXRaBrsJE[/wp_youtube] In some ways this interview was a bit more revealing than that which Archbp. Chaput … Read More

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Bomb explodes in Oslo

I am sure many of you have seen this news, which I picked up from FNC: OSLO, Norway –  DEVELOPING: A powerful bomb tore open several Oslo buildings, including the prime minister’s office, on Friday, killing at least one person, … Read More

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The Sensible Bond asks questions about a conference in London

A friend over a the excellent The Sensible Bond has been asking some questions about a conference to take place at Colney All Saints Pastoral Centre in London.  Here is his latest lament: At least according to the publicity, London … Read More

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Australia: A bill to force priests to break the Seal of Confession

After I posted the story on a legislative attempt in Ireland to force priests to break the Seal of Confession, I had a few emails suggesting that I was panicking, that such a thing would never happen, that this was … Read More

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QUAERITUR: How can the Church take away indulgences?

From a reader: I have a (.pdf) copy of the 1910 Raccolta, which contains some 34 indulgenced novenas. These are beautiful prayers I am delighted to pray, but I’m told that as of “Indulgentiarum Doctrina” they are no longer indulgenced. … Read More

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