How about your good news?

Do you have good news for the readers?

Feel free to share some interesting and edifying point from a Sunday sermon you heard.

For my part, I have had guests over the weekend.  Also, someone I know is recovering, slowing but surely, from the removal of a large brain tumor (the size of a fist, if you can imagine).  And I thought I had heavy cares.


Mr. Postman brought Mass stipends from a priest friend!

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  1. pkinsale says:

    Our son has come home safely from a year in Afghanistan and has access to the sacraments again, thanks be to God.

  2. TC says:

    My wife just underwent cataract surgery successfully.

  3. Jbuntin says:

    Yesterday I celebrated my aniversary of entering the Church! I have been Catholic for 6 whole years! Also our grandson has gone 15 days without seziure. This is a milestone since his brain surgery a couple of months ago.

  4. guatadopt says:

    My 5th children was baptized this Sunday. During the homily, the celebrant compared the renaming of Simon by Christ to the naming of the child at Baptism. Both relating to a new life. It was pretty slick.

  5. Andy Milam says:

    I have two pieces…

    1. We have a newly ordained priest (June 2011), who has started into the parish’s rotation for celebrating the TLM. Yesterday was his first Sunday singing a Missa Cantata. No mistakes!!! (and he preached sans maniple, whilst donning a biretta).

    2. Our Anglican parish which is going to be making it’s move to into Holy Mother Church is patiently waiting. From what I am hearing, they should be expecting an influx of new parishoners as our city is excited and anticipating their arrival!

  6. Charivari Rob says:

    My wedding anniversary yesterday!

    Some of our local WYD pilgrims come home today!

    A friend is getting married this week.

    Tackled one or two small home improvement/repair projects this past weekend – completed them with only minor injuries and in only twice the time I thought it would take.

    My folks got their dead (not just merely dead, but really quite sincerely dead) water heater replaced (fortunately not by me, but a plumber who actually knows what he’s doing)

    Nice homily from our pastor about passing along that which we have been given, including joy. Drew an encompassing arc from the apostle Peter to Thea Bowman.

  7. benedetta says:

    Happy to say that homeschooling curriculum is all set and ready for ‘go fly’. It’s a great joy to return to it and I am even grateful for the wandering path that led us to reconsider it.

  8. OUChevelleSS says:

    Todays’ my 25th birthday. Last week I got some test results back, and no leukemia can be found in my blood–I was diagnosed six months ago with 96.5% of my white blood being leukemic. I have been on potent oral medication since and it along with many prayers is leading me to complete remission, thanks be to God!

  9. David says:

    The diocese of Kansas City, KS (Bishop Nauman) is starting a schola which will sing at major masses throughout the year, Mass of the Chrism, Ordination Masses, etc. I’m quite happy and excited to be joining this group. Thanks be to God for Bishop Nauman!

  10. trad catholic mom says:

    My husband got a job after being out of work for over a year now.

  11. Andreas says:

    Our village Priest, Father (Pfarrer) Simon, made a surprise visit to me whilst I was awaiting eye surgery at the University Hospital in Innsbruck a few days ago. Pfarrer Simon could not have come at a better time, for I was shortly to be placed under full narcosis for this delicate operation. Herr Pfarrer is a man of great wit and intellect, a beloved Priest who inspires both with words and deeds. His unexpected and most welcome visit brought some moments of much needed comfort. That he made the journey from our village of Pinswang to Innsbruck, making a point during his travels to see me made me all the more aware of this splendid man’s care and understanding of the human condition. His blessing along with the great skill of those physicians who performed the surgery made for a very successful operation from which I am now recovering.

  12. Mom2301 says:

    Celebrated the birthdays of our now 10 year old and soon to be 5 year old with lots of family. Everyone was safe in their travel and the kids were blessed to have four generations of people who love them celebrate together.

  13. Had Missa Cantata for the Feast of the Assumption at a local parish. Visiting priest celebrant — but miraculous that a local parish welcomes the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.

  14. NonSumDignus says:

    Fathers sermon yesterday discuss the importance and role of the Pope as Successor to Peter, and the necessity of fidelity to the Church.

  15. CCS says:

    I was accepted to grad school, work continues to go well, and the wife continues to be pregnant with our first child. I’m apparently about to learn the meaning of busy.

  16. mvhcpa says:

    My new job is turning out to be hard work (as an accountant job goes), but the boss is behind me and it looks like I have some stability and security after a year and a half out of work

  17. Sarah R. says:

    The new pastor at our parish has been pushing confession. Just last week he announced that he was going to start hearing confession thirty minutes before all Masses and for two hours before the Saturday vigil Mass. He has really been excellent for the parish so far.

  18. Bruce says:

    Sunday sermons that I heard emphasized solidarity with our Pope and an encouragement to read documents from the Magisterium. On that note today I have been reading Verbum Domini.

  19. MJ says:

    Some changes (good ones) coming for our parish choir. I’ll be helping the choir director out, at her request. Excited!

    Father’s homily yesterday was on vocations. That one should explore first whether one has a vocation to the religious life before pursuing marriage. A religious vocation is the shortest, surest path to heaven…but not all are called to the religious life…so our vocation is always perfect for us and our salvation, because God chose it for us.

  20. pookiesmom says:

    Today is the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and we will be able to celebrate it in our wonderful FSSP parish tonight at the 7:30 Mass!

  21. oledocfarmer says:

    New young pastor just arrived in the parish…by his second week in residence, the Sanctus Bells were back, and the guitars were out!

  22. JonPatrick says:

    The rhubarb plant in the backyard is growing like crazy and threatening to take over so it was time to make rhubarb pie which I did yesterday and everyone loved it, it didn’t come out watery as it sometimes does. This was real 100% rhubarb, the way pie should be, not your namby-pamby mixed with strawberries version :-)

  23. Joe in Canada says:

    Adam, Daniel, Eric, and Ted pronounced their first vows as Jesuits on Saturday, to the greater glory of God!

  24. gkeuter says:

    Today my daughter begins her college studies as a freshman at the University of Nebraska, one nephew begin his freshman year in high school, another nephew begins his 7th grade year and my son celebrates his 16th birthday. Overall this is a big day in our family and we are grateful.

    Thanks be to God.

  25. APX says:

    My good news???

    The summer is over and I endured the liberal idiocy at my home parish. I’m moving on Friday to a city with an FSSP apostolate, which means yesterday was my last OF Mass with the current translation. Next Sunday I’ll start attending the TLM regularly.

    Father’s homily yesterday expressed how easy life is for us today, and that heaven isn’t as far away from us as we think because each of us is a piece of heaven. I don’t really know what he was trying to say. It reminded me of one of my answers to an essay question on an English exam that I didn’t know the answer to, but just vaguely rambled on using big words, complex sentences, and semi-colons trying to hide my ignorance in hopes of some marks.

  26. lux_perpetua says:

    i baked a delicious apple pie this weekend. seriously, i’m usually my own biggest critic, but there’s no doubting the scrumptiousness that was this pie. you are all jealous that you could not partake. :)

    OUChevelleSS, will add you to my prayer list, as those currently dealing with leukemia hold a special place in my heart.

  27. ipadre says:

    I concelebrated the Annual Feast Day Mass at my home parish. It is the oldest shrine to St. Therese in the world. I had the privilege of celebrating my 1st Mass there 19 years ago.

  28. John Murray says:

    Moved to new city, Memphis, Tennessee, 10 days ago with no known loss of personal stuff, kids, or pets. One of the happiest discoveries here: three parishes that offer Latin Masses. One on Sunday, two on weekdays. So far they have all been Low Masses. This is quite remarkable–to me a sign of the brick-by-brick progress that Fr. Z has been documenting all along. It’s not just in the northeast and midwest!!

  29. Dr. Eric says:

    My sons started 5th grade and kindergarten and my daughters started 2nd and 3rd grades this past week with no incident.

    The baby is 6 months old and sitting up on her own (she still hates “tummy time.”)

    We had an all time record number of new patients starting care last week. My mentor is looking to retire and wants me to take over (“buy”) his practice. So, I might be a lot busier than before.

  30. Tantum Ergo says:

    Our wonderful new bishop (Phillipe Estevez of the Diocese of St. Augustine, FL) attended our 8:00 N/O Mass this morning and witnessed a number of parishioners receiving Our Lord (on the tongue) while they were kneeling. Also, the Agnus Dei was sung in Latin by the congregation. The Mass was beautiful and reverent, and we were greatly honored by our Bishop’s presence.

  31. Rose in NE says:

    Our son begins his college experience today at the Univ. of Nebraska Lincoln. (Hey, gkeuter!) He’s very glad there’s an FSSP parish in Lincoln less than a couple miles from campus. He went there for Mass yesterday. He says that once he gets comfortable with the way things are done there, he’ll ask to be put on the altar serving schedule. (It already feels strange that he’s no longer serving at our Omaha FSSP parish.)

    Our daughter is beginning her third year of college at the Univ. of Neb. Omaha. She had a really great full-time paid summer internship and has been asked to continue on a part-time basis now that school has started. She’s grateful to have her ‘foot in the door’ of a good company.

    And our niece is now engaged to be married to a terrific young man.

  32. JaneC says:

    My mother started treatment for breast cancer two weeks ago, and still feels no ill effects. My dad played golf last week for the first time since he had both knees replaced in May. My family felt like it was falling apart a bit during this summer, but it looks like autumn will be better.

  33. Sorbonnetoga says:

    I got to help the Institute of the Christ the King and the Dublin Latin Mass Chaplaincy publicise their pilgrimage to Our Lady’s Shrine at Knock on September 10, at 11am. The main attraction, besides the first ever EF Mass in the hideous… umm… striking Basilica at Knock, is that Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke is the celebrant. It’s a wonderful shot in the arm for traditional minded Catholics in Ireland. He’s going to host a prolife event in the afternoon, too! Deo Gratias!

  34. Jack Hughes says:

    A friend of mine flies to nebraska in two weeks to start studying for the Priesthood with the FSSP, wishing I was going with him:) , slowly getting the better of old nick with God’s grace, applying for a job…….

  35. catholictigerfan says:

    I have started Semianry It will if God so wills a 6 to 7 years in Seminary. Its only been two days here and already I can see a change in heart starting to occur.

  36. JohnW says:

    The FSSP will be in Houston starting the first week of September.

  37. Banjo pickin girl says:

    Who is Jesus? He is the only way in which the world can come to know its true destiny. This from our visiting patristics-teaching priest from Rome.

    My new diuretic seems to have also reduced swelling of tissues in my spine. I have had two weeks of no nerve pain in my legs and little back pain. I am still being careful so I can go on vacation next week on an individual retreat to my archabbey where I will take some photos of stained glass and write and read and pray and rest and eat and rest and eat and rest and eat… (blush)

    I missed my first vacation there in May so I am looking forward to this, despite the difficulty of the 5 hour drive for me.

    Wow, everybody has great news today.

  38. AnAmericanMother says:

    My dad is making a nice recovery from major surgery — thank you all for your prayers.

    We have a new parochial vicar who makes a VERY good first impression — attended a couple of daily Masses that he celebrated . . . very reverent celebration, thoughtful silences in the right places, solid homilies that don’t shy away from hard texts, and we got to the Sanctus and all of a sudden he started chanting in Latin . . . I’d say maybe 10-12 of us out of the 30-odd in attendance fired it right up and chanted along, maybe another 5-10 joined us after a few stunned seconds.

    The usual suspects (dare I say biddies) got after him after Mass, I didn’t say “I got your back, Father” but I interjected how nice it was to hear the chant and how well people chanted it. The biddies redirected their fire onto me (which was what I had in mind) with “but half the people didn’t know it” . . . “Oh, I think people did quite well, and they can learn — every First Sunday at 10:00 a.m.!” They huffed and snorted, and I’m pretty sure they complained to Monsignor.

    If they did complain, it didn’t have the desired effect, because the next time I was there he didn’t chant the Sanctus . . . he chanted the Agnus Dei instead. Good for him. I hope he can outlast the biddies.

    Apropos of the discussion a few weeks ago, I tried my hand at a camouflage mantilla. It turned out well, I had never used the embroidery edging feature on my Bernina machine before (and I’ve had the thing for 25 years) but it worked!

  39. AnAmericanMother says:

    Glad you’re continuing to hang in there. Prayers continue for your improvement.
    Have a great time on retreat.

  40. ckdexterhaven says:

    Our new priest, (just ordained in June) gave a great homily on Sunday. He reminded us that we, Christians, are on the *offensive* against Satan. He said we should not be on the defensive.

    He’s also starting Mass in the Extraordinary Form on Wednesdays with confession for an hour before. So thankful to be in this parish.

  41. Lirioroja says:

    I got a job today. It’s only temporary – it lasts through the end of November. However I was told that they try to find permanent placement within the company for those they like. Here’s to hoping it works out long term!

  42. Margaret says:

    My daughter, a senior in public high school, pulled off something awesome at school today. As part of her Civics class, the kids were required to give brief, bullet-point defenses of their positions on certain contraversial issues, and the other kids were required to literally vote with their feet, and stand on one side of the room or the other depending on which side they agreed with.

    The teacher is a nice, nice woman, but über-liberal. Teacher’s nine-year-old daughter was visiting class for the day since her school hasn’t started yet. My daughter “turned her daughter to the Dark Side,” i.e. got her over onto the pro-life side. Using all of fifteen or twenty words. :)

  43. Banjo pickin girl says:

    Thank you for your prayers.

    Also my car’s water pump blew up last week right in front of my apartment and not on a highway in Kentucky or Indiana on a 90 degree day. The towing man was nice and the shop was good (the dealer in downtown Columbus) and it’s now good as new with a few other things added besides such as a new battery and new oil. Wheee… (did I happen to mention that I hate technology?)

  44. Paulo says:

    I teach during the summer term at a community college, and, well, the term is over! I had a couple of challenging students (with the associated challenging moments…) but I am quite pleased with the overall outcome and performance of my classes.

    The homily on Sunday was centered around Jesus being the son of the **living** God. Father talked about polytheism in ancient Rome and developed the theme by pointing out our everyday idolatries (money, prestige, etc.)

    There were also three baptisms during the Mass. I know that people cry in weddings, but if you spot a man discreetly wiping a teary eye during a baptism, that may be me! In any case, father may have stepped over some lines when he styled the hair of a vary hairy baby as a mohawk while anointing with oil (but it was funny…)

  45. AnAmericanMother says:

    That is super! (can you give us a quick summary of her argument?)

  46. acroat says:

    My cousin started her 5 month pt placement at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital today. Next year, God willing, she’ll receive her doctorate in pt. She’ll be a good one!

  47. ByzCath08 says:

    In the Byzantine Catholic Church, Sunday’s Gospel reading came from Matthew 17:14-23. Jesus is asked to heal a boy possessed by a demon and chides his disciples for having such little faith.

    Father gave an excellent homily, reflecting on what it means to have strong and weak faith and gave some good examples of how to grow in our faith in today’s world. An audio archive can be found here:

    Homily – 10th Sunday after Pentecost – (Strong & Weak Faith)

  48. revueltos67 says:

    Last week I went to Mass at a nearby parish I’d never attended before. The sermon consisted of a straightforward explanation of the Church’s teachings on abortion and contraception and an exhortation to follow them.

  49. pm125 says:

    Good news in New England – dry, cool NW breeze – finally at end of August. I could weed to my heart’s content and stay outside even in the sun doing things – but the heat in the South …
    Sunday sermon was Jesus’ nickname for Simon being Peter (Rock & Fr. Ben added Rocky so we’d get it) and why he chose the nickname meaning rock, then about the “keys” he gave to Peter and wh at he was to do with them, and how his and our actions of love speak louder than words or feelings.

  50. pinoytraddie says:

    Watched Most of The World Youth Day Masses and Ceremonies!


  51. debval says:

    Got back from a great vacation at Catholic Familyland ( Started a new year of homeschool (senior, freshman, and 8th grader). Friend is pregnant! Started going to weekday 6:30 Mass (not nearly as bad as I thought) Get hugs and kisses from three great boys and a great husband everyday! God is Great!

  52. Charivari Rob says:

    Got to hear a firsthand account of some of the WYD events. Most especially grateful to hear how members of one particular traveling group along with official volunteers and other pilgrims along the road supported and took care of each other – particularly of those who suffered great difficulties with the heat and the hike on Saturday and Sunday.

    Especially thankful for the good and faithful priests who shepherded that group.

  53. Patti Day says:

    Our pastor returned from a week in retreat with other priests. He seemed very rested and animated and told us, “I got religion!”

    If you read this, please say a little prayer for my Mom, who will enter an Alzheimer care unit this Thursday. She is no longer safe at home.

  54. GirlCanChant says:

    Of the four sick people I pray for on a regular basis, two are definitely on the mend, one is stable, and the other one is “okay.” I’ll take it.

    Also, the sun is out in Philadelphia! (We’ve had way too much rain lately.

  55. Biedrik says:

    I returned home after a long six week vacation. I’ve gotten well rested, and am now preparing to return to seminary in a week.

  56. After hearing the confession of one of my older ladies, she announced to me, that after 5 years of cancer, her tests prove her cancer results to be negative. This woman bore the cross of Christ, going each Sunday to our life size crucifix, which our people call Golgotha, in order to offer her sufferings. What a joy it was to witness her go before the Crucified Lord in order to render Him praise and thanksgiving.

  57. We have a litter of the cutest Norwegian Forest Cat kittens in the house at the moment. And they will only be getting cuter and more cuddly in the next couple of weeks! Small news, but still good. :-)

  58. downyduck says:

    We raised enough money to purchase an ultrasound machine for our local pregnancy resource center!

  59. ejcmartin says:

    My brother of my wife’s girlfriend was in a car accident this past weekend. She is 7 months pregnant and began to have contractions. The doctors told her that the baby had suffered trauma and was either going to be born now or not survive. The local prayer warriors kicked into high gear and now the girlfriend is going home and baby is expected to arrive at the normal due date. We continue to pray that my wife’s brother gets married and has the baby and his older daughter baptised. It has also been one year since I had open heart surgery to correct a congential heart defect and I have been feeling great.

  60. Tom Piatak says:

    On Sunday, the priest gave a very fiery sermon, beginning with World Youth Day and its theme of being firm in Faith, followed by a short exposition of what Catholics believe about the Pope, going on to a discussion of St. Pius X who wanted to restore all things in Christ and pointing out that we had a relic of St. Pius X by his statue at a side altar, and concluding with an exhortation to share the Faith, the same exhortation being given to the pilgrims at World Youth Day. This sermon was given at a Mass in the Ordinary Form, at an ordinary suburban parish.

  61. Breakthrough in technical issues at work(after going to Confession). That will teach me.

  62. Liz says:

    After a novena to St. Pius X, he really came through for us in a financial matter. I am so grateful and relieved.

  63. jaykay says:

    Just learned that I can have the first 2 weeks in October off, so have made lightning quick arrangements to do yet another stage of the Camino de Santiago. Well, it doesn’t really take much, a couple of online cheap flight bookings and pack the backpack! All going well, I’ll have almost completed it… in stages.

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