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PATRISTIBLOG: Augustine’s Sermons on 1 John – PART 1

You may remember my intention to work through St. Augustine’s sermons, or tractates, on 1 John. I think it is time to get at them. I am motivated in part because in these sermons, Augustine tackles, among other things, “enemy … Read More

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Do you use “protection”?

I hope you are not careless. I am talking, of course, about using an Uninterrupted or Uninterruptible Power Source, or UPS. These things are powerful surge protectors and back-up batteries which will keep your equipment running steady on in the … Read More

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NCR’s Sr. Fielder implies that men faithful to Church teachings are sick in the head

That keen observer of human behavior Samuel Johnson had sobering observations about self-delusion.  For example, he wrote “However we may labour for our own deception, truth, though unwelcome, will sometimes intrude upon the mind.”  [Idler #80 October 27, 1759]. And … Read More

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Are you going to take your children out to look at meteors?

Are you going to take your children out to look at meteors?  Think about it. You can tell them the true story of St. Lawrence and the myth of Perseus as you watch them. My favorite memory of watching the … Read More

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Tinker with prayers and you tinker with our Faith.

The excellent Fr. Kirby found some interesting which he posted on his excellent blog Vultus Christi.   Because what he was looking at is in my bailiwick, I represent it here: The Modification of a Collect A few days ago, on … Read More

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