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What to do with obsolete ICEL Missals – “Sacramentaries”

People have been asking what to do with obsolete editions of the lame-duck Sacramentary. I have made some suggestions in the past. The Canadian Bishops gave their own suggestion. For real. De-commissioning the Sacramentary 1. After the Prayer after Communion, … Read More

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Requiem for an ICEL translation

In England the new translation of the Ordinary of Mass will be used beginning September.  Therefore, this Sunday was the last Sunday people will be constrained by law to hear the lame-duck ICEL version in force for these last few … Read More

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QUAERITUR: If I forget to confess a mortal sin, am I still forgiven?

From a reader: If i forget to confess a mortal/grave sin in the confessional, when i fully intended to confess it before i walked in, is it still absolved? If you truly forget to confess something, but otherwise make a … Read More

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CatholiCon Continues in Houston

The new media conference CatholiCon continues today in Houston under the guidance of Catholic Underground and Almighty God.  Fittingly, the conference began with sung Vespers on Friday and resolves with Holy Mass on Sunday.  Today there will be more workshops.  … Read More

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