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A priest’s nightmare

This is horrific.  From the St. Catherine Standard. Extorting $90,000 from priest earns jail time for Niagara man By Peter Downs, Standard Staff Updated 3 days ago A Niagara Falls man who preyed on a Catholic priest’s fear of being … Read More


What do these words have in common: cathedraticum, dicastery, juridic, quinquennial, Referendary, Signatura, and vindicative

The Canonical Defender, Prof. Peters, at his excellent blog In The Light Of The Law, has this fun post: Taking Microsoft to canon law school This has never happened to me. I’m typing away on a canon law paper, just … Read More

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Houston: Catholicon 2011 gets underway

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The music you listen to can rot your brain, make you stupider and kill your soul.

One of my philosophy profs, a former Marine DI, told us that if everything that goes into our brains has no or little relation to reality, then we can’t expect to produce good and rational results.  We will be, in … Read More

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CDF speculations

You might want to have a look at the intrepid Andrea Tornielli’s article in La Stampa (in English) about the proximate need for a a new Prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.  Card. Levada is coming … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z rants about Communion

Get rid of row by row Communion during Mass. Not much of a rant there, come to think of it.  But the combox should be rich, if people will self-edit.

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